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14 Jan 03

it’s spelled havarti, you fool

i would like to begin this post by mentioning jo, who says that she was impressed to see her name in 2 straight postings. so, make it 3…and i’ll bold her name for the rest of this post. also: jo pointed out that i spelled “havarti” wrong the other day. tsk tsk.

so, i ask you: what is worse? blizzard-like conditions with blowing snow, but a temperature of near freezing? or a -21C day? i vote for the latter. today sucks ass. i think my eyeballs froze earlier.

i finally got around to rewatching minority report last night, with jo and andrea. it’s such a good movie i forget that it’s tom cruise in the lead role. but, not to be outdone: after that was over, we flipped over to the not-so-superstation and watched a bit of adventures in babysitting. i loved it when i saw it in the theatre at age 12 (and amazingly enough i remembered a bunch of it), but…the scene with elizabeth shue singing the blues was painful.

and did i mention that my day yesterday began with a meeting from 9 am – noon? not a good way to start any day, especially a monday.

oh yeah, and i’ve posted a few skating pictures, for those of you priviledged enough to know the supersecret password.

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