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13 Jan 03

blizzardy rant

oh good. i was done my posting and my window close before i could hit post. fabulous. take two:

i’m not such a fan of snow squalls, aka fucking blizzards, and this morning was no exception. my walk across the siberian tundran parking lot behind my building was somewhat less than pleasant, and when i arrived at the parking shuttle stop i noted that there were only 3 other people there waiting (while there are normally 20-30). when the shuttle arrived i realized why this was, as the remaining 27 people gradually climbed out of their warm cars and slowly trudged across the parking lot. to his credit, the driver is way more patient than i am, waiting 5 minutes before everyone was actually on the bus.

now, it may be the early morning talking, or perhaps it’s my own inherent bitterness, but listening to every second middle aged woman who got on the bus say some variation of “winter sure has arrived, huh?” to the driver made me want to…wait, what’s the equivalent of “poke my eyes out” when dealing with something you can hear?…regardless, i wanted to do that. it also didn’t help that the woman beside me spent the 10 minutes i was on the bus talking to the woman behind me about the pros and cons of having a main floor laundry room. here’s a sample:

annoying woman 1: it’s just so wonderful. no more climbing up and down stairs…it’s just so convenient!
annoying woman 2: but, where do you put all your ironing when it’s done? i don’t think i could deal with a laundry room that small.
annoying woman 1: well, you would have to change your style a bit, but it’s SO worth it!

and you know what? i don’t think i HAVE a laundry style.

anyway…yesterday was fun ’cause i finally got to go skating with real sharpened skates yesterday, avec robin, jo and andrea. pictures are to follow, once robin sends them to me. and getting them sharpened was more fun than expected…i sold that hardware store short. yes, they have video rentals, ice cream and hardware…but they also have dry cleaning, a coin operated laundromat, and an awesome sign that says “bait” above a fridge containing cott and rc cola. as robin said, they really do need to diversify.

anyway, my day calls.

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