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11 Jan 03

hey look, i’m spoiled again

mmm, jo made andrea and me a yummy dinner last night: rainbow trout+potatoes with havardi and dill+broccoli…not to mention a yummy salad provided by andrea. why? because i’m quite spoiled. the original plan was dinner followed by my minority report dvd, but the movie didn’t quite materialize (3/4 of the client on the not-so-superstation was our replacement).

after showing up long enough to eat m&m-laced cookies at robin’s (and ducking out on the disappointing men in brooms), i arrived at the toucan around midnight, just in time to disassemble a cd player containing a very very jammed david bowie cd (in fact, it was jammed so oddly that it worked its way completely out of the back of the tray and was rattling around inside the case). other excitement: some random guy asking about songs: ohia. that made my night. everyone should go download captain badass by songs: ohia right now.

speaking of music: i’ve really liked in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel for months, but i’d never actually listened to the entire thing sequentially before…and it’s even better! the tracks all overlap and flow together, and i’m a sucker for that. the dears’ protest ep does the same thing.

tonight: skate sharpening at the always fun video rental/hardware/ice cream parlour/skate sharpening place near my house. come for the sharpening, and bring home some wood screws, a tub of rocky road and a copy of freddie got fingerered!

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Date: 1883

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