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03 Jan 03

some insight into my humble abode

first of all, my most humble apologies for my typo in my loot list. i DID know that scotto and tim were responsible for giving me zero effect and not a clockwork orange, but in a list with that many items on it, how can one be expected to make no mistakes?

anyway, i’m currently operating on 4 hours of sleep because my body refused to leave vacation mode last night. work’s a bit on the painful side today as a result, so please forgive any nonsensicalness to this post.

for those of you who are at all interested in the type of building i live in, this should summarize it nicely…i swear i live with children:

i may as well be back in residence again. yesterday, when the elevator door opened, i found a big box of someone’s garbage inside. classy.

and now that i’ve taken this picture, it’s inspired me to begin a series of “john orr tower sign” photos. the beauty of my building is that the signs found in the lobby are a fun mix of engrish and misplaced apostropheness.

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