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02 Jan 03

loot list

holy shit. i’m spoiled. check out the loot i acquired over xmas:

  • minority report on dvd (robin)
  • bottle rocket on dvd (mitch)
  • a clockwork orange + hot hot heat’s make up the breakdown cd (scotto and tim)
  • zero effect on dvd + badly drawn boy’s have you fed the fish? cd + a genuine monchichi! (kristi)
  • a gift certificate to the screening room (jo)
  • clinic’s walk with thee cd (aly)
  • a fabulous onion t-shirt with a new vancouver canucks cap, not that i need one (sarah)
  • a fun movie trivia desk calendar (cindy)
  • kon kan’s classic cd + a fun mix tape of stuff i’ve never heard + a peterborough fridge magnet that no house should be without (sofi)
  • a deep fryer + a new microwave + a cd stand (my mom)
  • a sweater + cashcashcash (my grandma)
  • cashcashcash (my dad)

so yeah. i’m pretty fucking spoiled! thanks to everyone for your coolness.

i’m also pretty overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of new music i have at the moment. sooooo much to listen to. the above list doesn’t even include the music i bought myself (2 of montreal cds, another clinic cd, a young and sexy cd and a flaming lips cd). as a bonus, my icq file transfer stuff appears to be fixed, so robin: be prepare to be inundated.

currently spinning: the beach boys – here today

3 Responses to “loot list”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    “be prepare to be inundated”

    all your music are belong to us!

  2. 2
    el scotto Says:

    i may be a chump roberto, but at least i can remember who gave who what dvd’s. we gave you zero effect on dvd, not kristi. you mixed up a clockwork orange and zero effect. shame on you.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    aw nuts, i did know that. but come on, it’s a big list. i think i should be forgiven a typo.

    if you keep giving me guff i’m just gonna keep your christmas present. and yes, i just said guff.

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