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31 Jan 03

fixed fixed fixed

unlike the previous false alarm, i’ve actually fixed my comment total thingy, so whenever you post a comment it now registers correctly. doing so required me to edit one of the perl scripts that came with movabletype which, apparently, is flawed (it only rebuilds the main page when it detects a change has actually been made, but for some reason doesn’t notice comments in this check).

regardless, it’s working now. so get off my back. yeah.

currently spinning: the smiths – never had no one ever

31 Jan 03

apparently i just witnessed the best rock and roll show of all time

robin fucking black can be summed up nicely by his final words at the end of the show: “thank you. we’ve been great.” their music was better than i expected, and the spectacle that is robin black and the irs was pretty much as i expected it to be. i took no pictures, but you can imagine a glam band pretty much covered in beer and sweat and you’ve got these guys. even the openers, obsidian, were better than expected. that makes two nights in a row i’ve seen a hard rock band, but at least obsidian are interesting. they also get bonus points ’cause they have one of the skate punks from high fidelity in their band – i swear he looks identical to him. i saw him at by divine right last night and commented on it then, and when he was in the band tonight i laughed.

will i make it a hat trick? tomorrow night’s the supers at the grad club… time will tell.

also: day off tomorrow!

ok, i’m beery (someone apparently spilled on my coat) and tired, so i’m off.

currently spinning: interpol – the new

30 Jan 03

i had a soul explosion again

last night marked the beginning of fun band week. for reasons i can’t quite comprehend, by divine right played aj’s hangar last night – a bizarre combination to be sure. first of all, the aj’s sign read “by devine right” (as did their website) which i’m sure impressed the band to no end. second of all, the opening act was loganseed, this hard rock shit band that i will be happy to never hear again. third, the clientele was about as un-indie as you can get (a lot of the people seemed to be people who go drinking at aj’s every wednesday – a nice mix of cougars and hub boys…and someone who might possibly have been dan aykroyd’s wife being groped by some gross pony tail guy).

anyway, by divine right put on a fun show as always (last night was the 4th time i’ve seen them in the last year, and they’re coming back again in march…how big sugaresque), even though they were a member short (colleen is apparently on tour with ron sexsmith and cold play at the moment, so they called her on stage and left her a noisy voicemail). highlights included the inclusion of stella heart ocean as their last real song, dillon playing bass while lying flat on his stomach with the guitar laying on the floor, a fantastic version of hugger of trees with some random guy from the audience kicking ass on the extra snares they always bring out for that song, and a bunch of really good new songs, some of which they played in december when i saw them. i’m pretty sure they’re the nicest band i’ve ever met – also the happiest and the highest. i think they’re all related.

tonight: robin fucking black and the intergalactic rock stars

currently spinning: piggy – don’t hurt my friends

29 Jan 03

i’m not that strong with fuses

so last night, i had my first space heater incident. while laying in bed, all of a sudden my lights went out…as well as my computer, clock radio, and everything else in my bedroom. so, i got to play with my fuse box for the first time ever. yes, i have fuses. who still uses fuses? i ended up flipping them all around and still my lights didn’t go back on, so i went back to my room. i noted that my answering machine light was on, so i eventually realized that my power bar needed to be reset, blahblahblah. fast forward to this morning: when i opened my fridge, the light was off and i realized i didn’t screw its fuse in all the way. and when i got to work today i discovered i forgot to turn chumptastic back on. sigh.

more fun news: my sister got 3 job offers this week, and good ones at that. which is especially cool considering she’s been looking for a few months.

why is it that i hit my head on the ceiling of the parking shuttle EVERY TIME I’M ON IT? sometimes it’s the door on the way out. sometimes it’s the lights on the ceiling. sometimes it’s the bars you hold onto. you’d think i’d adapt after a few months, but apparently not.

currently spinning: sloan – lucky for me

28 Jan 03

pleasing to aim

from an msn conversation mere seconds ago:
Sofinatrix says:
Um. I have to keep looking at your blog now. I LOVE seeing my name in massive font.

which leads me to do the following:


now that that’s done, i’ll draw your attention to a comment my site just received that i thought was kind of interesting. especially since my comments are usually limited to me, robin and scotto.

currently spinning: the mooney suzuki – everything’s gone wrong

27 Jan 03

an apology. yeah, that’s it.

apparently i don’t mention sofi‘s name enough on my blog.

and for this i most humbly apologize to sofi.

ps. sofi

27 Jan 03

i look like cable tv

scotto’s choice of avatar on, i.e.:

has inspired me to make this nothing post.

back when i was teaching i had my grade 9 computer class create ralph wiggum’s homepage, and i provided them with the graphics for it. this one’s my favourite:

oh ralph.

also: note that i’d probably be in loads of copyright trouble if anyone actually read this page.

27 Jan 03

weekend roundup

rapidfire weekend summary:

friday night: swiss chalet with extra dipping sauce is where it’s at. i also watched 13 conversations about one thing (avec robin, jo, and robin’s housemates), which i quite enjoyed even though it wasn’t super memorable. it won’t be making any personal top 10 lists (except perhaps my top 10 favourite alan arkin movies – move over jerky boys!) but i’d still recommend it.

saturday afternoon: an attempt at sled shopping was foiled by terrible driving in snow squalls. i did, however, fix my computer fan finally (no more incessant shrieking) and managed to clean up my apartment significantly.

saturday night: yummy dinner at le black dog, followed by watched sean cullen on tape and sex and the city. [update: this was with sofi. and it was fabulous.]

sunday morning: i dug my car out of my completely unplowed parking lot. i borrowed the shovel of someone else who lives in my building, although he didn’t speak english and seemed really annoyed that i asked. we got significantly more snow than was forecasted and the driving was insane (one lane everywhere with pedestrians in the middle of the slippery street).

sunday evening: supahbowl party chez mitch, complete with nachos and an uncompetitive game. still fun though.

also: i was looking at the fantastic peterborough sucks page last night and noted that the chachified car on the main page is RIGHT by my mom’s house. i also perused the bulletin board and noticed that it appears our very own el scotto has been active on that page’s bulletin board: here and here, for example. however, scotto claims to be in oac english, and he also claims to have been to the kingston pita pit a month ago. i need clarification! or did i just bust a hole in your online persona?

yikes, work is calling.

23 Jan 03

i’m best at being wrong about what i’m best at

looks like i spoke too soon about the comment indicator being fixed.

tonight started with me installing a new hard drive in andrea’s computer, ended with me almost freezing to a gas pump and getting gasoline all over my glove, and had me watching the bourne identity and eating pizza with jo in the middle. over all, i’d say it was a good night. i am, however, completely exhausted, so i’m heading to bed.

currently spinning: josh rouse – feeling no pain

23 Jan 03

i’m best at fixing things by mistake

hmm. i don’t recall making any changes, and now my comments counter is working fine. how strange.

so, i got a new mp3 player yesterday, after much consternation. i ended up choosing archos’ jukebox recorder 20, mainly because of the price. i would’ve preferred an ipod (smaller, better interface, and COOLER), but i saved $200 so i can’t really complain. the interface isn’t the best, but i’m adapting. and so far i’ve put 300 songs on it, and it has about 18 gigs free.

it’s nice that work’s slowing down a bit again…things were getting to be a bit much for the past week or so.

currently spinning: clinic – 2/4

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