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15 Dec 02

a 121 word summary of events worthy of at least 200

ah, bowling for columbine‘s such a good movie. i saw it again tonight at the screening room. what’s that? you haven’t seen it? go, now. other than bowling for columbine and a bit of laundry, my day was pretty much a write off in retrospect. but that’s what weekends are for.

last night was more interesting. robin/nadia/et al had an impromptu christmas party, which provided much fun, alcohol and goodness. it turned out to be a very late night, and i didn’t manage to get to the toucan until 2:15 (about 2 hours later than i had planned). nice time management on my part. in bed by 4, in my crazy spinning room. perfect. and that’s all i’ll say about that.

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13 Dec 02


there’s nothing i like quite so much as sitting and watching software being downloaded. especially on 4 hours of sleep. how therapeudic.

13 Dec 02

i’m giving up on sleep

hmmm, two nights in a row with 4 hours of sleep? i’m not the brightest boy, nor do i learn very quickly.

last night’s excuse was an excursion to mybar (to begin celebrating post-examness). it was a pretty good night. highlights: robin moving my chair with his crotch, and having “fucker” written on my hand (i was told it was going to be a flower). also: we’re offensive people.

i can’t really think of any noteworthy stories to tell, so i won’t even try.

12 Dec 02


falling asleep after 3 am and waking up at 7:20 am isn’t good, if there was any doubt about that.

worse: participating in a meeting with 10 minutes worth of content stretched over an hour and a half, after said night’s sleep.

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11 Dec 02

everyone should just take a deep breath and look at the mess they’ve made

i tend not to enjoy work much when tension abounds. today was an example of just such a day. sometimes my current job reminds me of the job i had when i was 16: the now-closed kmart in peterborough was the most mismanaged business i could ever imagine. the similarities are mounting.

more proof that i’m a moron: i hurt my neck today while brushing my teeth. i’m not really sure how that’s physically possible, but i managed it. perhaps the moral is that i shouldn’t brush my teeth any more.

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10 Dec 02

four day weekend = i am spoiled

whee, ANOTHER day off work today if you can imagine. 4 day weekend! that’s unheard of!

i ended up going to toronto yesterday afternoon to visit sarah. it was a good time, in spite of the freeeeeeeeeezingness (sarah was allowed to complain about the cold, even though she’s now a spoiled vancouverite). we did a bit of skating at nathan phillips square, and i elected to not lug my skates on the street car so i had to rent some. as a result, i had some that cut into the back of my right foot, and were so dull that they couldn’t cut butter. it was pretty comical actually, watching us skate without being able to dig into the ice at all.

after that, we went to originals in sarah’s old hood. nachos, beer, garlic bread, and a hot hot heat song played by the dj (in among the other shit songs). i slept on a love seat about 2 feet shorter than me in a freezing cold apartment, and woke up with a sore neck and stiff legs at 8. sarah was on a plane to BC by noon. she’s insane, of course.

my day was spent napping, watching tv, working on a resume and…wow, i don’t even know what else. and now i shall drift off to sleep.

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08 Dec 02

a post at 3:43 am: always a good sign

let me preface this post by explaining why it’s coming at 3:43 am:
when i got home tonight at 11, i crawled into bed, inexplicably tired. unfortunately, i awoke at 1, feeling as though i had slept for 12 hours with no further sleep in sight. that’s fine, i amused myself for a couple hours, and i eventually was able to doze off at 3 or so. immediately of course my phone rang. and now i’m awake once again. the phone call was from sarah, which leads into part two of this post.

sarah called me friday night to tell me that she was magically in toronto. she woke up friday morning and decided she wanted to hop on a plane, and that is what she did. i didn’t go out with them tonight because of previous engagements (see part three of this post) but i think i’m going to visit tomorrow. which means that sleeping soon would be greatly beneficial to me if i’m driving to toronto.

the previous engagements involved a potluck at sofi’s with insane amounts of food, including a fucking turkey. note that the carve job was fantastic (read: non-existent). it was a good time, and i met about 25 new people i think. oh, and i ate way too much.

and now i am going to attempt to go in search of sleep once again. poor me.

06 Dec 02

newsradio, how i’ve missed you

daaaaaaaay offffffffffffffffff.

that is all.

06 Dec 02

bollywood, here i come

when did my writing style become so unflowy and staccato? i used to consider myself a reasonably good writer, but now…ugh. it’s not just limited to my crappy blog either: my emails have met the same fate. (i’m not talking about the one line emails that i send a zillion of a day at work, but the “real” emails i send when i have the chance). anyway, i don’t know what’s going on with that, and for that i apologize.

this morning was sucky because i was tired and cranky (as previously mentioned), and my computer lab was being uncooperative. my day did improve as things went along though, and i’m taking tomorrow off as a reward for surviving it, or something. or maybe just ’cause i’m lazy.

tonight, a bunch of us went to see bollywood/hollywood, and i narrowly escaped being the 7th wheel (which is pretty funny in retrospect). i wouldn’t have minded that, but it’s funny to say 7th wheel. because i amuse easily. anyway, bollywood/hollywood’s essentially the indian version of my big fat greek wedding, with some of punch drunk love’s randomness thrown in. it was pretty funny, but i think i would’ve got more out of it had i seen more bollywood movies in my life.

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05 Dec 02

keep me awake, keep me awake. i’m still hiding from the day.

i feel like i got 0 hours of sleep.
no wait…
like someone physically stole sleep from me so i ended up with a negative sleep total.

and to celebrate this glorious feeling, i’m going to spend my morning (and perhaps some of my afternoon) installing software in a computer lab.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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