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29 Dec 02

oh, right, i have a blog

robin ordered me to update chumptastic a couple nights ago, and i obviously didn’t heed his advice. until now that is. i dunno why, but it’s been difficult to get motivated to post from home – perhaps it’s crazy slow connection, perhaps it’s the fact that i can only be online at certain times…i dunno. anyway, i decided to try to recap my week as best i can…in reverse chronological order.

today i met sofi in toronto in order to further expand my music collection. i’m sorta glad i don’t live nearer to rotate this or i’d be perpetually broke. too many good cds to choose from. i also had fun playing operation/trivial pursuit at the bishop and the belcher, and having my first bubble tea experience.

yesterday included a trip to pickering to visit kristi, to watch lord of the rings (finally), and to have my first taste of japan experience. oh, and i also saw half of back to the future 2 for the first time in a long time. it’s fun that both flea and elizabeth shue are in it. who knew?

friday…a trip to fabulous downtown peterborough with kristi and staci for lunch. we all ordered the hard to pronounce mexican dish called the “lunch combo”, and for some reason received just quesadillas. i guess i’m destined to never find out what a taquito or flauta is. the whole time we were downtown i was kicking myself for not having my camera. mullets abounded, of course, but i also saw a fantastic lassie flag (at a store called ‘flags, eh?’), not to mention an abandoned santa station being impinged upon by a mary kay stand. neither staci nor kristi would ask to sit on the mary kay woman’s knee.

now it gets a bit more difficult to remember what i did.

thursday…i ventured to my dad’s and watched brain candy for the first time in quite a while with my brothers. it’s pretty good, but definitely not what it could’ve been. after that, kristi came over to our house and we watched bottle rocket and exchanged gifts. she got me a monchichi doll, as well as some other stuff (i shan’t make a loot list, at least not in this posting).

of course, wednesday was christmas and it turned out pretty well. a visit to my dad’s in the morning (including watching the christmas classics high fidelity and star wars episode 1), followed by a gift exchange with my mom at night. fun times with lotsa turkey to be had.

no idea about christmas eve, but on the 23rd i went to andrea’s and looked like a dummy playing trivial pursuit (but hey, get this: the question of whose funeral in 1926 drew more than 100 thousand people in nyc came up both that night and today while playing in toronto. i knew it the second time – rudolph valentino if you care. oh, and as a further aside: i surprised sofi and myself by knowing which sport boasts the fastest travelling ball. if you know it, post in the comments.) after trivial pursuit i drove to millbrook to watch el scotto play hockey. it wasn’t the most stellar game i’ve seen, but the good guys tied it up with 2.5 seconds to play. pas mal.

anyway, that’s a good enough summary of my week i think. new years is approaching, and i hate new years: there’s too much pressure to have fun, it seems. i’d be content doing something low key with a few friends. i hope something falls into place.

so yeah, if anyone’s still reading this: happy?

9 Responses to “oh, right, i have a blog”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    jai alai!
    are you really that surprised that I knew?
    I think the spanish name is pelota vasqua or something like that.

    I also knew about flea and elisabeth shue. aren’t I such an ass?

  2. 2
    el scotto Says:

    i know it’s not a ball, but how about the shuttlecock in badminton?

  3. 3
    el scotto Says:

    if it’s a ball, perhaps cricket?

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    sorry scotto, robin’s right. jai alai it is. i’m unsurprised that robin knew that as well, given our insanely geeky backgrounds.

  5. 5
    robin Says:

    I knew it from when I went to florida as a kid, and there were always posters and pamphlets for jai alai tournaments everywhere. natural curiousity took over from there, and I am now jai alai champion of the world!

  6. 6
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    i guess i should have read his comment before i posted.

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    also: i guess you should stop being a chump.

  8. 8
    pager Says:

    ps. el scotto’s other xmas present has arrived! unfortunately, robin’s has not.

  9. 9
    el scotto Says:


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