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20 Dec 02

“i’m less evil than him, so you should give me a million dollars”

well, i lost 3 hours of my life that i’ll never get back last night by watching that horrendous survivor finale. it was sort of satisfying though to see the jury express how much they hated both finalists. the porn star winner should have started cheering “default! default!” when he won, ’cause that’s really what it came down to.

i also got a few more fantastic christmas presents yesterday: robin gave me minority report on dvd (a movie i didn’t really have high expectations for, but which turned out to be excellent – so good in fact that i forgot it was tom cruise in the starring role by the end), and mitch gave me bottle rocket on dvd (another great movie that i didn’t even know was released on dvd – it’s essentially wes anderson and owen wilson’s trial run). anyway, i’m happy.

my officemate came into work this morning, even though it’s his day off, to give everyone little stockings full of candy. good deal.

and now on with my day.

currently spinning: fountains of wayne – lost in space

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Date: 1883

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