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19 Dec 02

memories are better than dreams

i had my first job interview in 10 years yesterday. think about that for a second: i’ve been working since i was 15 or so, but i haven’t actually been interviewed for any of those jobs since i was 17 or 18. that just occurred to me last night. how bizarre.

the interview itself went ok i think, but it’s a bit harder to judge than normal. i was interviewed by 3 people: a guy i’ve known for years that i ride into work on the bus with quite often, a professor i TAed for for a couple years (who, incidentally, told me he hadn’t seen me since i cut off my hair – i.e. 4 or 5 years ago), and another guy i’ve met a few times at meetings. there were no crazy stumping questions or anything, but i think it mostly just depends on the quality of the other applicants. i’m not a UNIX guru, and if someone who applies is, that lets me out. i’m unconcerned though.

oh, and wearing a tie to work typically elicits a number of questions. thankfully my officemate and manager had the day off…

other than that, my yesterday was pretty uneventful. cogeco has somehow managed to wreck my internet connection AGAIN, which made it almost impossible to post anything last night (not to mention writing emails). note that this explains why chumptastic may seem awful laggy – pictures taking longer to load than normal, etc. i’m sure they’ll fix it today and i’ll never have another problem.

oh, and i drove sofi to the bus station. she’s now in fabulous scarberia for the holidays. only 2 more days til i get to leave as well.

currently spinning: thrush hermit – the great pacific ocean

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