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16 Dec 02

yay socially awkward!

yawn. again. and why didn’t anyone tell me it’s freezing out today? i spent a few minutes just trying to get my car door open this morning, not to mention digging it out from under the snow.

to conclude a most uneventful of weekends, i accompanied sofi to her staff christmas party last night. “how formal is it?” i asked. “not formal at all,” she replied. i beg to differ. it’s difficult to imagine two people fitting in less. even so, it was still a fun time. yay socially awkward!

oh, and i won the first jenga game i’ve played since i was about 10. pure skill.

this page reminded me of something i might’ve done with my friend tyler when i was growing up. it made me giggle. i now want to mail someone a ski.

and now i must find some sort of food in the hopes of waking up.

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Date: 1883

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