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10 Dec 02

four day weekend = i am spoiled

whee, ANOTHER day off work today if you can imagine. 4 day weekend! that’s unheard of!

i ended up going to toronto yesterday afternoon to visit sarah. it was a good time, in spite of the freeeeeeeeeezingness (sarah was allowed to complain about the cold, even though she’s now a spoiled vancouverite). we did a bit of skating at nathan phillips square, and i elected to not lug my skates on the street car so i had to rent some. as a result, i had some that cut into the back of my right foot, and were so dull that they couldn’t cut butter. it was pretty comical actually, watching us skate without being able to dig into the ice at all.

after that, we went to originals in sarah’s old hood. nachos, beer, garlic bread, and a hot hot heat song played by the dj (in among the other shit songs). i slept on a love seat about 2 feet shorter than me in a freezing cold apartment, and woke up with a sore neck and stiff legs at 8. sarah was on a plane to BC by noon. she’s insane, of course.

my day was spent napping, watching tv, working on a resume and…wow, i don’t even know what else. and now i shall drift off to sleep.

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