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08 Dec 02

a post at 3:43 am: always a good sign

let me preface this post by explaining why it’s coming at 3:43 am:
when i got home tonight at 11, i crawled into bed, inexplicably tired. unfortunately, i awoke at 1, feeling as though i had slept for 12 hours with no further sleep in sight. that’s fine, i amused myself for a couple hours, and i eventually was able to doze off at 3 or so. immediately of course my phone rang. and now i’m awake once again. the phone call was from sarah, which leads into part two of this post.

sarah called me friday night to tell me that she was magically in toronto. she woke up friday morning and decided she wanted to hop on a plane, and that is what she did. i didn’t go out with them tonight because of previous engagements (see part three of this post) but i think i’m going to visit tomorrow. which means that sleeping soon would be greatly beneficial to me if i’m driving to toronto.

the previous engagements involved a potluck at sofi’s with insane amounts of food, including a fucking turkey. note that the carve job was fantastic (read: non-existent). it was a good time, and i met about 25 new people i think. oh, and i ate way too much.

and now i am going to attempt to go in search of sleep once again. poor me.

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