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06 Dec 02

bollywood, here i come

when did my writing style become so unflowy and staccato? i used to consider myself a reasonably good writer, but now…ugh. it’s not just limited to my crappy blog either: my emails have met the same fate. (i’m not talking about the one line emails that i send a zillion of a day at work, but the “real” emails i send when i have the chance). anyway, i don’t know what’s going on with that, and for that i apologize.

this morning was sucky because i was tired and cranky (as previously mentioned), and my computer lab was being uncooperative. my day did improve as things went along though, and i’m taking tomorrow off as a reward for surviving it, or something. or maybe just ’cause i’m lazy.

tonight, a bunch of us went to see bollywood/hollywood, and i narrowly escaped being the 7th wheel (which is pretty funny in retrospect). i wouldn’t have minded that, but it’s funny to say 7th wheel. because i amuse easily. anyway, bollywood/hollywood’s essentially the indian version of my big fat greek wedding, with some of punch drunk love’s randomness thrown in. it was pretty funny, but i think i would’ve got more out of it had i seen more bollywood movies in my life.

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