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04 Dec 02

this will drag us down, better to leave it behind

aside from being super cold, today had the added bonus of being super draggy. i got the stuff i wanted to get done by around 2:30 this afternoon, at which point my motivation level dropped as low as the temperature. the last 2 hours went on forever, and i tried hard to just stay awake.

anyway, i don’t really have any fun stories. well, except for the fact that robin’s picture is in this week’s gazette (it’s a pdf file, and he’s on page 11). he’s particularly proud of this picture, so if you see him on the street be sure to compliment him on it.

early night tonight, which should be good for me.

currently spinning: danny michel – who cares

One Response to “this will drag us down, better to leave it behind”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    hahahhaahhahaah. fuck you.

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