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14 Nov 02



14 Nov 02

50 cents!

i got a 50 cent piece as change when i bought a five alive earlier in the week.
who pays with 50 cent pieces? i also got a fabulous mountie quarter, so i couldn’t spend any of my change.

no one finds that exciting except for me. i haven’t had a 50 cent piece since i was about 10.

that is all.

13 Nov 02


it’s taking me far too long to rebuild things as they were.
permissions with this version of apache are a pain in the ass.

anyway, i will hopefully have my archives back online asap.

until then, enjoy this:

13 Nov 02


so yeah. i broke my blog.

i’m a big chump i know.

08 Nov 02

i’m not so strong with alarm clocks

today got off to a bad start: last night, andrea asked if i could give her a ride to work because she hurt her ankle. no problem, of course. so i set my alarm before bed so i’d wake up a few minutes earlier so as not to be late. except that what i had really done was completely reset my alarm unintentionally so it never went off. fantastic. i woke up at 8:10 (i was supposed to pick her up at 8) and then called her immediately to apologize profusely. i don’t even remember the last time i didn’t wake up on time…i’m usually super anal about checking and double checking it before going to bed. i guess i was less so last night, for some reason. and interestingly: the only reason i woke up was because, in my unconscious state, i thought to myself: “wow, you sure have gotten a lot of sleep…if you were to open your eyes now you wouldn’t even feel tired! wait a minute…aren’t you supposed to be doing something this morning?” at which point i opened my eyes and leapt to my feet. fantastic.

07 Nov 02

chumptastic: soon to be chumptasticer

shockingly enough, i actually installed debian successfully last night, complete with x, kde, and all the good toys. i’ve read a lot of articles over the past couple years saying how amazing debian is once you get past the crazy difficult installer (adding new software packages is beyond easy), and they’re all right. too cool. anyway, the point to all this is that my goal is to move chumptastic over to this new “high powered” (i.e. faster than a pentium 133) debian box sometime tonight, so expect some downtime. i know, what will you do while it’s down? i wish i had an answer for you. i feel your pain.

ok, i admit that i was a late comer to the ellen feiss phenomenon, but her mac commercial amused me (although not as much as the pseudo-fan site). her ubiquitousness, though, can be illustrated by yesterday’s foxtrot comic.

i had trouble getting up this morning because my room was subzero. and now that i’m up and at work my eyes keep wanting to shut on me. this doesn’t bode well.

currently spinning: treble charger – cubicle

06 Nov 02

don’t give me any of your philosophy mumbo jumbo

yesterday was actually a pretty good day, i was pleased. the afternoon was fun for some unknown reason: i guess the second level support calls i handled went especially well or something.

the only actual noteworthy part of my day was really my night class: the first 45 minutes consisted of a “writing lesson” if you can imagine, including of course the thesis paragraph and “how to make one’s paper interesting”. yawn. the prof then continued to spent 20 minutes reviewing the previous class’s lecture (which, i guess, wasn’t so bad considering i ducked out early…but even then it was review). and then he talked for a further 45 minutes about some philosophy mumbo jumbo. on the bright side, there was no quiz last night – a fact he held from us til the end of class to keep us there. assy.

mitch sent me some music by andy stochansky yesterday. very good indeed. the starling influence is evident.

currently spinning: andy stochansky – mavis said…

05 Nov 02

birthday fun

ok, so let me get this straight: chumptastic survived a week of cogeco network instability, and a couple weeks of linux box messedupedness, and now goes down? i guess the moral here is that i gotta register my own domain.

anyway, yesterday’s excitement was the fact that el scotto’s and tim’s (aka bob the builder) bday present arrived in the mail. sam roberts and about a boy ost! not bad huh? just as cool was the card accompanying the gift: it’s contains asian characters, including some provided by tim (apparently translated to mean “happy birthday rob” – nice job tim). the card itself says “merry christmas. have a christmas day filled with joy and happiness.” now that i’ve received the card i most certainly will!

today was good. can you imagine? now i’ll head off to my night class and wreck that.

currently spinning: radioblaster – pushed forward

03 Nov 02

long and good weekend

well, my long weekend is over, which is a shame. looking back, i didn’t really do a whole lot over the past two days and it’s been great. my goal for today was to install debian linux on a new computer (to replace chumptastic). has anyone ever really gotten it installed successfully? what a pain. i’ve given up for now, but i’ll work on it later in the week.

oh, and i spent too much time playing bookworm. once you start, you cant stop.

two really good pages courtesy of metafilter:

both super good in their own ways.

oh, and friday night i went to the toucan. the dj loves thrush hermit and i didn’t even introduce her to them. she must be from another dimension.

01 Nov 02

everybody DOES like culture club

holy shit! boy george is on this episode of the a-team! actual dialog sample:

boy george: everybody likes culture club
ba baracus: he’s right. they’re great! *flashes the thumbs up*

and to think…if i hadn’t taken today off i wouldn’t have seen this! and who knew mr. t liked culture club?

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