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30 Nov 02

texas-sized fun

ah, i’m feeling alive again today. it’s amazing what 10 hours of sleep will do for you.

last night was a very long night, but it was a good one. i went to the grad club with our staff after work for an end of term celebration (read: i bought them beer), and it was pretty fun. there was a good turn out, and much beer and revelry, so i can’t complain. i was there from about 4-7:30 or so.

after the grad club was mitch’s birthday extravaganza. the original plan was to go to dinner at about 8, so we showed up at the lonestar only to be told that we’d have to wait about an hour. i think we got a table at around 9:15 or so (after a texas-sized margarita of course). i still wasn’t feeling so well, so i essentially ate a bunch of nachos and 1/2 a salad all night.

we finished dinner at around 11 or so, and we were all tired (i’m glad it wasn’t just me). i think i got home around midnight. yay fun.

today was a good, unproductive day. i don’t really have any stories. i did watch memento again for the first time in ages. still a great movie. watch it if you haven’t. if you don’t, i’ll know. oh, and i watched part of the world ringette championship final where canada won 3-0 over finland. the “beach” who assisted on the first goal is robin’s housemate. cool.

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