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29 Nov 02

the weather outside can also bite my ass

i feel like ass today. i hope it’s just ’cause i’m super tired.

last night was a good night. the original plan was to have dinner at le chien noir, but being the reservationless fool that i am, we were turned away. chez piggy welcomed us with open arms though, and it was yummy as always. after chez piggy came the grad club, featuring the jazz stylings of spencer evans. he’s pretty fun, especially while playing another one bites the dust on his clarinet. we then went to clark to try to catch some of 7 ton earth’s electronica set at clark, but we misjudged the time by an hour and missed their set (we didn’t arrive til 12:30ish). oops. so, alfie’s beckoned us. i’m WAY too old for alfie’s. and since when does it so closely resemble stages?

anyway, a 2:30 bedtime is way too late for old guys like me. my afternoon at the grad club should hopefully perk me up a bit though.

oh, and the weather today is pretty gross. it was a blizzard earlier with 60 km/h winds. lovely.

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