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27 Nov 02

gazebo gazebo gazebo

ridiculousness of this morning:

1. they built a fucking gazebo by the parking shuttle stop. it’s great: it holds about 5 people, and will be great so long as wind doesnt come from the north. gazebos always make me think of that kids in the hall sketch about the guys who steal their neighbour’s gazebo by dragging it through her yard, over their fence, and into their backyard (there’s a video clip in the middle of the page). “excuse me, did you steal my gazebo?” “no.” the vestibules (formerly radio free vestibule) also tend to use the word gazebo in a lot of sketches, ’cause it’s a fun word.

2. some guy took a CAB to the parking shuttle this morning. why not pay the extra buck and take it all the way to main campus? how weird.

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