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26 Nov 02

day off! woo!

jeebus. should be shot. have you ever seen a less stable host? i didn’t think so. when it’s not cogeco giving me problems, won’t resolve. grr.

anyway, today was a day off for me. and how did i spend that day off? by writing the shittiest essay of all time, of course. topic: the bad science of dietary fat. ugh. my motivation level was, of course, excrutiatingly low (since my grade means less than nothing) and i was completely disinterested in the topic. i’ll be lucky to get a passing grade on it. i still don’t understand the grading scheme in that class though.

aside from essay writing today, i had a lovely time watching law and order and newsradio. i was also awoken by a random fire alarm, followed closely by painters in the hallway right outside my door. mmmm, painty goodness. i also managed to squeeze in a couple games of nhl2002, being the boy that i am. (an aside: why is the game out to get me? currently, the following players, all on my team, are hurt: fleury, arvedson, briere, audette, kaberle, sundstrom. that’s practically an allstar team right there. and yes, i know i’m the only one who cares about that. shoot me.)

so, i was pleased that my lip was FINALLY getting better (i bit it in my sleep last week and it’s been icky ever since). and then i just went and bit it. i guess it’s a nervous habit i have. i’m such a moron.

does anyone remember kon kan? i was thinking of their song, harry houdini, last night. it was my favourite from grade 7. i downloaded it a few months ago and wow does it ever suck.

that’s enough inanity for one evening.

currently spinning: new pornographers – execution day

2 Responses to “day off! woo!”

  1. 1
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    my team for nhl2001 has: bertuzzi, kariya, forsberg, arvedson, gonchar, czechmanek, smyth, perreault, and zubov.
    when you play for 3 seasons, and win the cup each year, you get good players.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    mine has:
    thornton, comrie, gaborik, morrison, rolston, fleury, sundstrom, nylander, isbister, arvedson, audette, mcammond, lidstrom, gonchar, berard, svehla, kaberle, kuba, sydor and joseph.

    i’m very good at making trades and signing free agents apparently. i think i traded hull for gaborik. stupid hull.

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