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24 Nov 02

that was a good weekend.

that was a good weekend.

friday night:
-hanging out at comfy mybar: a newish place with comfy couches, big tvs, pool tables, etc. it was interesting because there were a bunch of people doing a pub crawl wearing some interesting costumes. i missed the guy dressed only in a barrel unfortunately. when we arrived, the bouncer dissed us by noting that that the ages on our ids indicated that we wouldn’t be silly. i.e. we’re old. the tv was tuned to basketball for most of the night, around midnight for some reason someone changed the channel to showcase. i.e. soft core porn. on an enormous screen. that was unexpected.
-after mybar i ventured to the toucan once again for a little while, this time with marcus and sulini. poor sulini had drank quite a bit without eating dinner, so she was feeling a bit worse for wear. as always, the music was fabulous, and i felt proud that the cd i made for sofi got much airplay that night. go me: dj by proxy, as robin said. when i drove home after last call, it was nice and slippery out. i watched a moron slam on his brakes in the middle of union and turn completely around.

-a whole buncha nothing. i kept looking at the article i have to read for philosophy class, and instead elected to watch tv. oh, and i think i had a nap.

saturday night:
-predrinking at mitch’s was fun. before we went out i split mitch’s drink with her. it tasted bad so she kept adding to it. unfortunately she kept adding things like peach schnapps. that was quite the drink by the time it got to me.
-after that we went to stages. yep. i went to stages. it’s a rarity, so write down the date. there was a guy sitting on the bench thing beside us with his head in his hands for at least a half hour, with vomit beside him. he was eventually escorted out. we also saw a guy get hit in the head with a beer bottle, as well as a big fight that resulted in a tidal wave of fighters/bouncers/bystanders flying in our direction. good, wholesome fun. i got home at about 3 i think, after a stop at the well-oiled machine that is the pita pit. i felt bad in retrospect for plying mitch with drinks, but not TOO bad.

-much football, naps and phone calls. andrea called me to ask if she could have a ride somewhere and i said sure. the catch: i realized a few minutes later that my car is still at mitch and jo’s. so basically, i shafted her for the second time. at least an alarm clock wasn’t involved this time. i went to pick up my car at about 6:30, and when i got back i finally read my stupid article. it isn’t as bad as i expected, but the paper i have to write tomorrow sure will be.

also: there seems to be a lot of drama going on around me these days. i’m not sure why that is.

currently spinning: the local rabbits – the lights turn on

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