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21 Nov 02

i bet you liked the first act

i’m gonna make this brief.

tonight was a queen’s players show, which means i killed a number of brain cells. scott and the band won me over immediately by playing a medley of 4 sloan songs to open the show. when i walked in the door one of the actors poked me in the chest and said “youre gonna like this show.” (i was wearing a sloan shirt). midway through the first act, one of the band members was in the washroom at the same time i was and did the same thing: “i bet you liked that first act”. i did. (note that the funniest part of the whole evening took place in the washroom, with said guitar player climbing the stall door to kick the guy inside, while saying “QUIT YOUR BITCHING!”) it’s probably not nearly as funny in print, but man…

anyway, i unfortunately have to take my car into the repair shop at 7:30 am so i’d better get some sleep.

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