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20 Nov 02

louis pasteur: my hero

two fun facts:
1. i lost a shirt. i have no idea where it’s gone. i had it before i did laundry on saturday, and now i do not. that’s distressing.
2. i apparently bit my lip while sleeping two nights ago. it was kinda puffy yesterday, and today i can add “sore” to the list. oh, and also: attractive.

last night’s philosophy class was the same as always. we essentially discussed how louis pasteur metaphorically extended his laboratory onto the farm, to convince vets and farmers to accept his microbe/vaccination research. and how both micro and macro level examinations of laboratories are valid, and there shouldn’t be a division between them. or something. kill me. oh, and i didn’t know any of the answers to the quiz again, so that usually means i’ll get 8/10.

how the hell is it only wednesday? this week will never end.

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