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18 Nov 02

ok ok, you win

well, i was getting a bit irked with chumptastic so my posting has slowed down significantly (obviously). but, after yesterday, i think i’ll start posting more again…because of the following:

a) i got bitched at by 2 people telling me that i havent updated in a while.
b) someone i don’t know emailed me about my site, asking me about bands i’ve seen in kingston. that’s never happened before, and it was super cool.
c) i got complimented on my page by someone who hadn’t seen it before, which is also cool.

so, i guess i should start posting again.

it’s weird: i hadn’t been to a movie in about 3 months or so, and in the last 4 days i’ve been to 3, all good ones. on thursday night i saw punch drunk love which was bizarrely fabulous and i’d recommend it thoroughly, but only if you like randomness and aren’t hoping to see little nicky part 2. saturday night was bowling for columbine which was, as i expected, extremely well done. it was surprising to me that i was able to see a michael moore movie in a mainstream cinema (and equally surprising that the theatre was actually pretty full), and i’d recommend it. then, on sunday afternoon, i joined the masses and saw harry potter. it was fun – pretty much a scarier carbon copy of the first one. i think that if i were under 10 i’d have had nightmares afterwards though.

aside from my movie going adventures, i also went to a variety night on friday night, which was pretty uneven but fun overall. it was reminiscent of a very long highschool talent show, but some of the acts were excellent and made it worthwhile (noteworthy: the guy who sang a medly of britney/shakira/etc. offkey with piano accompaniment, and the excellent guy who stole the show in such roles as morbidly obese albert). the show didn’t end until 11 and i thought i’d be too late to catch sarah slean, so i ventured off to the toucan to absorb as much smoke as possible into my pores while listening to fun music as selected by sofi. smoke+smoke and ashes=good.

re: my archives. i’m gonna slap together some perl in the next couple days to reimport them. i’ve been asked why it matters, which is a good question. i guess it really doesn’t, except that without them, my site is 100% content free. it’s a lot of effort to just throw away i guess.

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