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07 Nov 02

chumptastic: soon to be chumptasticer

shockingly enough, i actually installed debian successfully last night, complete with x, kde, and all the good toys. i’ve read a lot of articles over the past couple years saying how amazing debian is once you get past the crazy difficult installer (adding new software packages is beyond easy), and they’re all right. too cool. anyway, the point to all this is that my goal is to move chumptastic over to this new “high powered” (i.e. faster than a pentium 133) debian box sometime tonight, so expect some downtime. i know, what will you do while it’s down? i wish i had an answer for you. i feel your pain.

ok, i admit that i was a late comer to the ellen feiss phenomenon, but her mac commercial amused me (although not as much as the pseudo-fan site). her ubiquitousness, though, can be illustrated by yesterday’s foxtrot comic.

i had trouble getting up this morning because my room was subzero. and now that i’m up and at work my eyes keep wanting to shut on me. this doesn’t bode well.

currently spinning: treble charger – cubicle

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