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06 Nov 02

don’t give me any of your philosophy mumbo jumbo

yesterday was actually a pretty good day, i was pleased. the afternoon was fun for some unknown reason: i guess the second level support calls i handled went especially well or something.

the only actual noteworthy part of my day was really my night class: the first 45 minutes consisted of a “writing lesson” if you can imagine, including of course the thesis paragraph and “how to make one’s paper interesting”. yawn. the prof then continued to spent 20 minutes reviewing the previous class’s lecture (which, i guess, wasn’t so bad considering i ducked out early…but even then it was review). and then he talked for a further 45 minutes about some philosophy mumbo jumbo. on the bright side, there was no quiz last night – a fact he held from us til the end of class to keep us there. assy.

mitch sent me some music by andy stochansky yesterday. very good indeed. the starling influence is evident.

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