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05 Nov 02

birthday fun

ok, so let me get this straight: chumptastic survived a week of cogeco network instability, and a couple weeks of linux box messedupedness, and now goes down? i guess the moral here is that i gotta register my own domain.

anyway, yesterday’s excitement was the fact that el scotto’s and tim’s (aka bob the builder) bday present arrived in the mail. sam roberts and about a boy ost! not bad huh? just as cool was the card accompanying the gift: it’s contains asian characters, including some provided by tim (apparently translated to mean “happy birthday rob” – nice job tim). the card itself says “merry christmas. have a christmas day filled with joy and happiness.” now that i’ve received the card i most certainly will!

today was good. can you imagine? now i’ll head off to my night class and wreck that.

currently spinning: radioblaster – pushed forward

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