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30 Nov 02

texas-sized fun

ah, i’m feeling alive again today. it’s amazing what 10 hours of sleep will do for you.

last night was a very long night, but it was a good one. i went to the grad club with our staff after work for an end of term celebration (read: i bought them beer), and it was pretty fun. there was a good turn out, and much beer and revelry, so i can’t complain. i was there from about 4-7:30 or so.

after the grad club was mitch’s birthday extravaganza. the original plan was to go to dinner at about 8, so we showed up at the lonestar only to be told that we’d have to wait about an hour. i think we got a table at around 9:15 or so (after a texas-sized margarita of course). i still wasn’t feeling so well, so i essentially ate a bunch of nachos and 1/2 a salad all night.

we finished dinner at around 11 or so, and we were all tired (i’m glad it wasn’t just me). i think i got home around midnight. yay fun.

today was a good, unproductive day. i don’t really have any stories. i did watch memento again for the first time in ages. still a great movie. watch it if you haven’t. if you don’t, i’ll know. oh, and i watched part of the world ringette championship final where canada won 3-0 over finland. the “beach” who assisted on the first goal is robin’s housemate. cool.

29 Nov 02

the weather outside can also bite my ass

i feel like ass today. i hope it’s just ’cause i’m super tired.

last night was a good night. the original plan was to have dinner at le chien noir, but being the reservationless fool that i am, we were turned away. chez piggy welcomed us with open arms though, and it was yummy as always. after chez piggy came the grad club, featuring the jazz stylings of spencer evans. he’s pretty fun, especially while playing another one bites the dust on his clarinet. we then went to clark to try to catch some of 7 ton earth’s electronica set at clark, but we misjudged the time by an hour and missed their set (we didn’t arrive til 12:30ish). oops. so, alfie’s beckoned us. i’m WAY too old for alfie’s. and since when does it so closely resemble stages?

anyway, a 2:30 bedtime is way too late for old guys like me. my afternoon at the grad club should hopefully perk me up a bit though.

oh, and the weather today is pretty gross. it was a blizzard earlier with 60 km/h winds. lovely.

27 Nov 02

cogeco can suck my ass

ok, so it comes as no surprise to anyone around here that cogeco sucks ass. for whatever reason, they seem to be targetting me (much as does) – any time they have an outage it seems to affect me. so, of course, it came as no surprise when my internet was down for a couple hours tonight.

i decided to call their support line tonight ’cause i was planning to bitch again about the fact that i’m being heavily traffic shaped to the point where i can’t really remote desktop or icq files any more. while i was on the phone with their support “specialist”, my internet came back up. fine. so i asked him about the problems i’ve been having (which i previously reported on saturday) and he had no clue. he suggested i email, which i did. (nothing like passing the buck, but fred, who i was talking to, had no clue so i wanted to talk to someone new anyway, preferably with a paper trail).

the message i sent was immediately bounced back: maildir delivery failed: error writing message: Disk
quota exceeded

now THAT is quality customer care.

currently spinning: beulah – disco the secretary blues

27 Nov 02

gazebo gazebo gazebo

ridiculousness of this morning:

1. they built a fucking gazebo by the parking shuttle stop. it’s great: it holds about 5 people, and will be great so long as wind doesnt come from the north. gazebos always make me think of that kids in the hall sketch about the guys who steal their neighbour’s gazebo by dragging it through her yard, over their fence, and into their backyard (there’s a video clip in the middle of the page). “excuse me, did you steal my gazebo?” “no.” the vestibules (formerly radio free vestibule) also tend to use the word gazebo in a lot of sketches, ’cause it’s a fun word.

2. some guy took a CAB to the parking shuttle this morning. why not pay the extra buck and take it all the way to main campus? how weird.

26 Nov 02

day off! woo!

jeebus. should be shot. have you ever seen a less stable host? i didn’t think so. when it’s not cogeco giving me problems, won’t resolve. grr.

anyway, today was a day off for me. and how did i spend that day off? by writing the shittiest essay of all time, of course. topic: the bad science of dietary fat. ugh. my motivation level was, of course, excrutiatingly low (since my grade means less than nothing) and i was completely disinterested in the topic. i’ll be lucky to get a passing grade on it. i still don’t understand the grading scheme in that class though.

aside from essay writing today, i had a lovely time watching law and order and newsradio. i was also awoken by a random fire alarm, followed closely by painters in the hallway right outside my door. mmmm, painty goodness. i also managed to squeeze in a couple games of nhl2002, being the boy that i am. (an aside: why is the game out to get me? currently, the following players, all on my team, are hurt: fleury, arvedson, briere, audette, kaberle, sundstrom. that’s practically an allstar team right there. and yes, i know i’m the only one who cares about that. shoot me.)

so, i was pleased that my lip was FINALLY getting better (i bit it in my sleep last week and it’s been icky ever since). and then i just went and bit it. i guess it’s a nervous habit i have. i’m such a moron.

does anyone remember kon kan? i was thinking of their song, harry houdini, last night. it was my favourite from grade 7. i downloaded it a few months ago and wow does it ever suck.

that’s enough inanity for one evening.

currently spinning: new pornographers – execution day

24 Nov 02

that was a good weekend.

that was a good weekend.

friday night:
-hanging out at comfy mybar: a newish place with comfy couches, big tvs, pool tables, etc. it was interesting because there were a bunch of people doing a pub crawl wearing some interesting costumes. i missed the guy dressed only in a barrel unfortunately. when we arrived, the bouncer dissed us by noting that that the ages on our ids indicated that we wouldn’t be silly. i.e. we’re old. the tv was tuned to basketball for most of the night, around midnight for some reason someone changed the channel to showcase. i.e. soft core porn. on an enormous screen. that was unexpected.
-after mybar i ventured to the toucan once again for a little while, this time with marcus and sulini. poor sulini had drank quite a bit without eating dinner, so she was feeling a bit worse for wear. as always, the music was fabulous, and i felt proud that the cd i made for sofi got much airplay that night. go me: dj by proxy, as robin said. when i drove home after last call, it was nice and slippery out. i watched a moron slam on his brakes in the middle of union and turn completely around.

-a whole buncha nothing. i kept looking at the article i have to read for philosophy class, and instead elected to watch tv. oh, and i think i had a nap.

saturday night:
-predrinking at mitch’s was fun. before we went out i split mitch’s drink with her. it tasted bad so she kept adding to it. unfortunately she kept adding things like peach schnapps. that was quite the drink by the time it got to me.
-after that we went to stages. yep. i went to stages. it’s a rarity, so write down the date. there was a guy sitting on the bench thing beside us with his head in his hands for at least a half hour, with vomit beside him. he was eventually escorted out. we also saw a guy get hit in the head with a beer bottle, as well as a big fight that resulted in a tidal wave of fighters/bouncers/bystanders flying in our direction. good, wholesome fun. i got home at about 3 i think, after a stop at the well-oiled machine that is the pita pit. i felt bad in retrospect for plying mitch with drinks, but not TOO bad.

-much football, naps and phone calls. andrea called me to ask if she could have a ride somewhere and i said sure. the catch: i realized a few minutes later that my car is still at mitch and jo’s. so basically, i shafted her for the second time. at least an alarm clock wasn’t involved this time. i went to pick up my car at about 6:30, and when i got back i finally read my stupid article. it isn’t as bad as i expected, but the paper i have to write tomorrow sure will be.

also: there seems to be a lot of drama going on around me these days. i’m not sure why that is.

currently spinning: the local rabbits – the lights turn on

21 Nov 02

i bet you liked the first act

i’m gonna make this brief.

tonight was a queen’s players show, which means i killed a number of brain cells. scott and the band won me over immediately by playing a medley of 4 sloan songs to open the show. when i walked in the door one of the actors poked me in the chest and said “youre gonna like this show.” (i was wearing a sloan shirt). midway through the first act, one of the band members was in the washroom at the same time i was and did the same thing: “i bet you liked that first act”. i did. (note that the funniest part of the whole evening took place in the washroom, with said guitar player climbing the stall door to kick the guy inside, while saying “QUIT YOUR BITCHING!”) it’s probably not nearly as funny in print, but man…

anyway, i unfortunately have to take my car into the repair shop at 7:30 am so i’d better get some sleep.

20 Nov 02

louis pasteur: my hero

two fun facts:
1. i lost a shirt. i have no idea where it’s gone. i had it before i did laundry on saturday, and now i do not. that’s distressing.
2. i apparently bit my lip while sleeping two nights ago. it was kinda puffy yesterday, and today i can add “sore” to the list. oh, and also: attractive.

last night’s philosophy class was the same as always. we essentially discussed how louis pasteur metaphorically extended his laboratory onto the farm, to convince vets and farmers to accept his microbe/vaccination research. and how both micro and macro level examinations of laboratories are valid, and there shouldn’t be a division between them. or something. kill me. oh, and i didn’t know any of the answers to the quiz again, so that usually means i’ll get 8/10.

how the hell is it only wednesday? this week will never end.

19 Nov 02

no longer broke!

ah. it’s back.

i relearned a bit of perl tonight and converted my 270 archive HTML files into a format that movable type recognizes, and am pretty happy with the results. the only downside is that i lost all of my (your) comments. i’m sure you’ll all survive.

now all i have to do is wait for google to recache my pages and i’m back to how i was. wheee.

18 Nov 02

ok ok, you win

well, i was getting a bit irked with chumptastic so my posting has slowed down significantly (obviously). but, after yesterday, i think i’ll start posting more again…because of the following:

a) i got bitched at by 2 people telling me that i havent updated in a while.
b) someone i don’t know emailed me about my site, asking me about bands i’ve seen in kingston. that’s never happened before, and it was super cool.
c) i got complimented on my page by someone who hadn’t seen it before, which is also cool.

so, i guess i should start posting again.

it’s weird: i hadn’t been to a movie in about 3 months or so, and in the last 4 days i’ve been to 3, all good ones. on thursday night i saw punch drunk love which was bizarrely fabulous and i’d recommend it thoroughly, but only if you like randomness and aren’t hoping to see little nicky part 2. saturday night was bowling for columbine which was, as i expected, extremely well done. it was surprising to me that i was able to see a michael moore movie in a mainstream cinema (and equally surprising that the theatre was actually pretty full), and i’d recommend it. then, on sunday afternoon, i joined the masses and saw harry potter. it was fun – pretty much a scarier carbon copy of the first one. i think that if i were under 10 i’d have had nightmares afterwards though.

aside from my movie going adventures, i also went to a variety night on friday night, which was pretty uneven but fun overall. it was reminiscent of a very long highschool talent show, but some of the acts were excellent and made it worthwhile (noteworthy: the guy who sang a medly of britney/shakira/etc. offkey with piano accompaniment, and the excellent guy who stole the show in such roles as morbidly obese albert). the show didn’t end until 11 and i thought i’d be too late to catch sarah slean, so i ventured off to the toucan to absorb as much smoke as possible into my pores while listening to fun music as selected by sofi. smoke+smoke and ashes=good.

re: my archives. i’m gonna slap together some perl in the next couple days to reimport them. i’ve been asked why it matters, which is a good question. i guess it really doesn’t, except that without them, my site is 100% content free. it’s a lot of effort to just throw away i guess.

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