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15 Oct 02

don’t talk to me about work at 8 am

cough-a cough-a cough-a.

i wasn’t feeling overly social this morning (i.e. i didn’t want to talk to anyone) so i elected to drive instead of taking the parking shuttle. that also meant that i arrived at work at 8:10, but that’s not too much earlier than the shuttle’d get me here.

i’m debating leaving early today so i won’t completely die in my night class, but time will tell.

14 Oct 02


i’m back in my humble abode (in fact, i got back last night but haven’t really been in a type-y mood). i magically caught the cold i was expecting when i arrived at my dad’s on saturday afternoon (who catches a cold mid-day?) and i’ve been sniffly and coughy ever since.

home was good, especially considering the amount of turkey i ingested. as i type this i’m also eating leftover birthday cake (a week early i know, but my mom isn’t going to see me next week soooo…)

i wish i had an interesting story to tell, but i don’t. i’m just glad my nose has stopped running like a faucet. sorry for that image.

12 Oct 02

it’s beginning to look a lot like thanksgiving

whee. it’s a fabulous day for travelling, or something. today is el scotto’s birthday so i’m gonna give him his paper mache pig in a couple hours (oops, i ruined the surprise). in addition to the birthday extravaganza, i’ll be partaking in two thanksgiving dinners over the next two days. can’t go wrong with that.

no stories to report. i’ll be back sunday evening, so don’t miss me too much. and now i’m off to fight with holiday traffic…

11 Oct 02

i call high hosey on this post!

i’ve been doing this dialect survey this afternoon (don’t even think about it unless you’ve got some time to kill – it’s long). i find it interesting…and i like this question best:
77. What do you call the activity of driving around in circles in a car?
a) doing donuts
b) doing cookies
c) whipping shitties

does anyone really say whipping shitties? if so, i want to meet you.

this is a good one too:
80. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
a) sunshower
b) the wolf is giving birth
c) the devil is beating his wife
d) monkey’s wedding
e) fox’s wedding
f) pineapple rain
g) liquid sun

my answer of sunshower is really quite boring compared to some of the other options, huh?

118. What do you call a drive-through liquor store?
a) brew thru
b) party barn
c) bootlegger
d) beer barn
e) beverage barn
f) we have these in my area, but we have no special term for them
g) I have never heard of such a thing

good lord! do americans really have those?

one final one:
120. What do you say when you want to lay claim to the front seat of a car?
a) dibs
b) shotgun
c) hosey
d) high hosey

i’m SO gonna start calling high hosey.

currently spinning: hot hot heat – fashion fight pause

11 Oct 02

time it moves so fast…oh wait.

time’s moving backwards today, i swear.

i finally got around to removing the links to my cams since neither has been working for months, and i’ve replaced them with a link to stuff i want. el scotto asked me for that list ages ago but i never got around to sending it to him, because i’m a big chump. alas.

currently spinning: built to spill – velvet waltz

09 Oct 02

a wash

once again someone else’s actions at work had the potential to make me look like a monkey. blahblahblah server acting up blahblahblah can’t do my job as i’m supposed to blahblahblah. i figured out a temporary work around and saved the day, but it’s just such a common occurrence….grr.

anyway, my morning sucked but my afternoon was better and more productive. and tonight was full of say anything goodness. i guess it was a wash.

08 Oct 02

i’m functionally illiterate

dammit. mike o’neill’s not coming after all – it’s his labelmate mia sheard who’s at zaphod’s next month. i gotta learn to read more carefully at 2 am.

on an unrelated note: brrrrrrrrr.

currently spinning: tigre benvie – come back come back

08 Oct 02

driving in the citroen is gaining

i’m really pissed that it’s now 2:05 am and i’m completely untired. all that sleep over the past few days is coming back to haunt me i guess. tomorrow’s gonna be rough.

as a weird aside, the word alsatian has appeared in two books i’ve read lately. i’d never actually come across it in print before for some reason (although i knew what it meant) but i’ve heard it often enough as the title of a fantastic mike o’neill song. and hey! mike o’neill’s at zaphod’s in a couple weeks on a saturday…hmmmmmm.

back to reading i guess.

08 Oct 02

a checklist of a boring evening

a quick inventory of my evening:

  • had a quick nap after work. i’m really getting used to this sleep thing.
  • read my really chapter for my philosophy class tomorrow night. it was a chapter on statistics if you can imagine. not what i signed up for at all.
  • finished the last chapter of the book i started reading yesterday. it’s about the writing of the oxford english dictionary, and the fact that several thousand contributions came from a guy in an insane asylum.
  • paid off a number of bills (whose idea was it to pay my car insurance once a year? $1200…groan.)
  • continued in my pursuit of cleaning up my apartment. i didn’t really make much progress, but i put forth a token effort at least.
  • watched a little bit of baseball, but i missed the end for some reason. the playoffs are far more interesting than normal this year: no stupid yankees or braves left to piss me off.

and that’s about it. next to no human contact. introspection galore.

currently spinning: the weakerthans – letter of resignation

06 Oct 02

found: 2 large bags of rice

first of all, a public service announcement:
if you’ve lost 2 grocery bags full of rice, i’ve found them in my laundry room. and now that i think about it, why wouldn’t they be there?

my weekend has been uneventful. friday night robin and i attempted to go see red dragon, but it was sold out. so, we played nhl2003 for a few hours and watched arlington road (which i still think is a cool movie). on saturday i slept in til noon, which is an event because i hadn’t been able to sleep in later than 9 since i went to vancouver if you can imagine. i visited a friend in belleville in the afternoon, and i dozed off at 8 on saturday night (and didn’t wake up til 11!) it sucked because i was messed up for the rest of the night – it’s hard to fall asleep at a normal time if you’ve already had 3 hours of sleep. anyway, i guess the moral is that i needed a bunch of sleep for some reason.

today has been a bit more productive: i went grocery shopping (finally) and did some laundry. i didn’t say it was exciting…

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Date: 1883

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