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25 Oct 02

loose a turn

holy shit.

i just got back from the sprawling birthday extravaganza and i had a fabulous time, as expected. it started at robin’s house and continued on to the brew pub, followed by alfies.

but that’s not where the “holy shit” comes in.

you should see what my friends made for me. in fact, you will soon, once i take a picture of it. if you’ve seen the movie office space (and who hasn’t really?) you’ll be familiar with tom smykowski’s “jump to conclusions mat” (“that’s the worst idea i’ve ever heard!” – michael bolton). anyway, robin and mitch have MADE me one of these mats, blanket-sized, and it’s quite possibly the coolest gift i’ve ever received. they even duplicated the spelling mistake: “loose a turn”. anyway, anyone who SEWS for me on my birthday is pretty damn cool in my books.

the rest of my night was fun, and all i can say is that i’m happy i took tomorrow off.

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