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24 Oct 02


tonight’s the night of the big birthday bash. since robin, andrea and i all have birthdays within a week and a half, we’ve decided to have one big cumulative gathering to, as robin put it, “maximize presents and presence”. pas mal.

other than that, my day’s been relatively uneventful…dare i say good? at least, nothing bad’s happened. for that matter, i think it’s been a pretty good week over all. far less annoying than some. and, as a bonus, it’s over in 13 minutes since i’m taking tomorrow off. whee!

as i’m typing this, someone’s called my officemate’s phone 4 different times without leaving a message…each time waiting about 30 seconds before calling back again. that’s not annoying at all. 75397 i’m onto you!

currently spinning: by divine right – medicine

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Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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