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20 Oct 02

it’s not yet my birthday, and already i’ve opened presents

aha. chumptastic’s back!

how bizarre. i’m not sure what exactly happened, but my theory is that the network problems i was complaining about a while ago finally arrived at their logical conclusion. it was pretty weird: i was able to access the site from within my apartment but it wasn’t accessible to the outside world. i swapped out my network card tonight though and everything seems to be working now (after great amounts of effort and large quantities of weirdness).

in truth, did i do much worth writing about this weekend? not really. i watched the royal tenenbaums with mitch last night, and i dont think i’ll ever tire of it. i also watched a bunch of the director’s commentary, which was pretty cool as well.

today, my sister came to visit me and dropped off a few fabulous bday presents. she gave me two cds (ben kweller and black rebel motorcycle club) as well as a t-shirt that i’ll take a picture of rather than giving away the surprise. needless to say, it’s very cool. she and her boyfriend also took me to dinner tonight, and brought me a cake. not bad.

i also opened sarah’s present on thursday night (’cause i was talking to her on the phone) and she gave me the bottom one on this page. talk about cool. i’ll also take a picture of that shortly.

wheeeee. i rule.

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