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16 Oct 02

from great to sucky in 0 seconds flat

today was a wonderful day.
i know you probably think i’m being sarcastic, but i mean it.
i got to work early (and met a woman waiting there, so i helped her out of the goodness of my heart) and proceeded to have the most productive day i’ve had in forever. it was a fun problem solvey day when things mostly got resolved. i like that.

and (and here’s the biggy): i wasnt bothered by the ignorant/annoying people who make my days far rougher than they need to be at all today.

that is, until tonight.

i went from a fabulous mood to a horrid one in a matter of seconds after reading 5 emails from someone. alas, tomorrow’s gonna suck as a result.

and, i missed the carnations show tonight because i was in a bad mood, and because it’s icky out and my blanket was comfy, and because i was feeling feverish.

oh well.

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Date: 1883

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