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08 Oct 02

a checklist of a boring evening

a quick inventory of my evening:

  • had a quick nap after work. i’m really getting used to this sleep thing.
  • read my really chapter for my philosophy class tomorrow night. it was a chapter on statistics if you can imagine. not what i signed up for at all.
  • finished the last chapter of the book i started reading yesterday. it’s about the writing of the oxford english dictionary, and the fact that several thousand contributions came from a guy in an insane asylum.
  • paid off a number of bills (whose idea was it to pay my car insurance once a year? $1200…groan.)
  • continued in my pursuit of cleaning up my apartment. i didn’t really make much progress, but i put forth a token effort at least.
  • watched a little bit of baseball, but i missed the end for some reason. the playoffs are far more interesting than normal this year: no stupid yankees or braves left to piss me off.

and that’s about it. next to no human contact. introspection galore.

currently spinning: the weakerthans – letter of resignation

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