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06 Oct 02

found: 2 large bags of rice

first of all, a public service announcement:
if you’ve lost 2 grocery bags full of rice, i’ve found them in my laundry room. and now that i think about it, why wouldn’t they be there?

my weekend has been uneventful. friday night robin and i attempted to go see red dragon, but it was sold out. so, we played nhl2003 for a few hours and watched arlington road (which i still think is a cool movie). on saturday i slept in til noon, which is an event because i hadn’t been able to sleep in later than 9 since i went to vancouver if you can imagine. i visited a friend in belleville in the afternoon, and i dozed off at 8 on saturday night (and didn’t wake up til 11!) it sucked because i was messed up for the rest of the night – it’s hard to fall asleep at a normal time if you’ve already had 3 hours of sleep. anyway, i guess the moral is that i needed a bunch of sleep for some reason.

today has been a bit more productive: i went grocery shopping (finally) and did some laundry. i didn’t say it was exciting…

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