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02 Oct 02

note that i didn’t once mention work in this post. i wonder why.

an update from freaky class:

  • i got another g on my quiz from last week. i guess that’s good. this week i wasn’t so lucky since i had no idea. i’m hoping for a 2/10.
  • the girl who plays with her hair until it’s a tangled mess didn’t sit in front of us for the first time since class began – she sat across the room. maybe she heard us mocking, or perhaps she just didnt like the constant chatter behind her.
  • the guy with two watches and enormous feet was again in the front row, and he took part in a competition with two others tonight…a battle of oneupmanship. he’d make some inane point, and this guy who had his feet on the chairs in front of him and both desks beside him opened up as arm rests to maximize contact with his surroundings would immediately raise his hand. this would, in turn, point gap-boy to make yet another pointless comment. and on and on and on.

that’s about enough.

we ditched class at 9 to go see the good girl. jennifer aniston was very good, and i enjoyed the movie too (even though it was a bit slow in parts and was a bit predictable). i would never have known the writer also wrote orange county and dead man on campus. bizarre.

currently spinning: apples in stereo – her pretty face

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