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01 Oct 02


tonight was a whirlwind:
-i got home from work and immediately started working on my last ever task involving those stupid web courses. i did that for an hour and a half, and then left to run some errands and grab some dinner
-i went to see ian wright (of lonely planet fame) speak tonight. he’s very funny and hyperactive – a good speaker with lots of fun stories.
-i came home and did my reading for tomorrow night’s crappy class. the reading was actually pretty interesting this week though.
-i then finished up my web stuff. finally. blah.

and with that, i shall turn in…after telling you all to visit exploding dog right this instant. it’s my favourite site of the moment. very funny. go. now. there’s nothing left to see here.

ps. i use exclamation points when drunk. how odd.

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Date: 1883

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