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30 Oct 02

youth size

on saturday at s&r (during our tights-buying adventure) robin stuck this sticker to my shirt:

and i forgot about it til that night. which makes me giggle. if you look closely, it also found its way into the picture i took for my halloween costume.

and that’s about the most interesting thing i have to say about my week thus far.

27 Oct 02

halloween funtastica

ok. so, yesterday:

robin and i went halloween shopping in the afternoon…there’s nothing like putting together a costume at the last possible second. is there another way to do it? robin went as robin (as in batman and) which was pretty appropriate, so he had to buy some short shorts and green tights. the tights were the fun part: he got to ask the lingerie dept. woman at s&r for tights that would fit him…for his “halloween costume, yeah that’s it”. i’m sure she bought it.

i unfortunately spent the afternoon wandering around just trying to figure out what to be. one idea was to be richie tenenbaum (from royal tenenbaums), but i would’ve had to start growing my beard a while ago. i thought that was a pretty original idea. robin then suggested i go as bjorn borg, but it was late in the afternoon by this point and i didnt wanna run around finding tennis stuff. i may file that away for later though. one other thing i’d thought of a while ago was going as murdock from the a-team, but i changed my mind on that one.

we checked out audrey’s costume store and i didn’t buy anything there, so i went with this other idea i had that i was kind of apprehensive about: going as the halloween costume version of me. i thought the idea was hilarious, but i thought it was one of those things where people would either find it funny or really stupid. there’s this simpsons episode in which milhouse is dressed up like radioactive man for halloween, and lisa says “i don’t think radioactive man wears a plastic smock with picture of himself”, and milhouse replies “he would on halloween!” so, i wanted that to be me. i wanted to be wearing a plastic smock with a picture of me on it. so, that’s what i did. here’s a picture of me wearing my mask with mitch (freaky huh?), and here’s the best picture i have that shows off the smock. it’s too bad i didn’t have a picture taken of me in my costume, but
alas. i was gonna take a picture of it this morning, but it’s a bit on the wrecked side.

anyway, so we went to mitch and jo’s before the party and played a few drinking games. i think it’s safe to say i was the big loser there, but i won’t go into that. we headed to the party at around 10:30 i think and it was interesting to say the least. here are some highlights:

  • meeting a richie tenenbaum within an hour. i told him i almost had the same costume as him. i guess i wasn’t as original as i thought.
  • meeting an eli cash (also from royal tenenbaums) about 3 hours later. i explained to him as well my previous idea, and he said “there’s a richie over there…and chas too.” not original at all apparently. they looked great though.
  • one of the first people i met was this girl wearing a great traffic light costume. the lights would turn on and off when you push them. i saw her again an hour later and she’d taken it off ’cause she kept crashing into things. oh well.
  • there was a guy there in a john mcenroe costume that i kept running into. he expressed his disappointment that i didn’t go as bjorn borg, or we could’ve had a match.
  • i also met a guy dressed as mr. t (or, more accurately ba baraccus from the a-team). my murdock costume would’ve matched him nicely. he kept telling me he was drinking white russians ’cause they contain milk.
  • one of my favourite costumes was this guy dressed as destro from gi joe. i went and talked to him and the girl he was with got irked at me for not being able to identify her costume (she was the baroness, also from gi joe. i could only think of scarlett.)
  • and the best costume of the evening was the guy dressed as beaker, hands down. the girl with him was the professor, and no doubt they were the hottest people in the world.

anyway, it was a good time. and, robin helped me to figure out why we were so drunk when we got home: some guy kept giving him whiskey and some guy dressed as inspector clouseau kept giving me jaggermeister. i’d forgotten that. i also think i confused this one girl by knowing exactly who she was even though i’d never met her. she writes for a campus paper and she took over for my friend’s radio show, so i knew her by reputation. i’m sure she loved that.

anyway, many people were met, my costume was a big hit (i got a lot of pictures of women who tried on my mask, all of which freak me out) and i went home happy. whee!

oh, one more thing: after walking jo home, robin and i walked back to his place, and we realized when we got there that he had no keys, and the doors were all locked. our solution was to throw stones at his housemate’s window (she was also at the party so we figured she might still be up), but she didn’t respond. no one answered the doorbell either. so, we started walking…not sure if we were gonna go back to jo’s or to my place…and we by chance met his housemates who were coming home. that worked out well. and then we proceeded to wake up his remaining housemates by being excrutiatingly loud. how good of us.

27 Oct 02

halloween partyyyyy

tonight was the most fun i’ve had in i don’t know how long.

i just walked home with robin at 3:30ish (before the time change crap comes into things) and we can’t figure out how we’re still so drunk 4 hours after the fact. but hey, meds house’s halloween party is everything i’ve heard it was, and more.


when i wake up tomorrow i’ll take a picture of my halloween costume and post it here…perhaps you’ll laugh, perhaps not. i did.

25 Oct 02

loose a turn

holy shit.

i just got back from the sprawling birthday extravaganza and i had a fabulous time, as expected. it started at robin’s house and continued on to the brew pub, followed by alfies.

but that’s not where the “holy shit” comes in.

you should see what my friends made for me. in fact, you will soon, once i take a picture of it. if you’ve seen the movie office space (and who hasn’t really?) you’ll be familiar with tom smykowski’s “jump to conclusions mat” (“that’s the worst idea i’ve ever heard!” – michael bolton). anyway, robin and mitch have MADE me one of these mats, blanket-sized, and it’s quite possibly the coolest gift i’ve ever received. they even duplicated the spelling mistake: “loose a turn”. anyway, anyone who SEWS for me on my birthday is pretty damn cool in my books.

the rest of my night was fun, and all i can say is that i’m happy i took tomorrow off.

24 Oct 02


tonight’s the night of the big birthday bash. since robin, andrea and i all have birthdays within a week and a half, we’ve decided to have one big cumulative gathering to, as robin put it, “maximize presents and presence”. pas mal.

other than that, my day’s been relatively uneventful…dare i say good? at least, nothing bad’s happened. for that matter, i think it’s been a pretty good week over all. far less annoying than some. and, as a bonus, it’s over in 13 minutes since i’m taking tomorrow off. whee!

as i’m typing this, someone’s called my officemate’s phone 4 different times without leaving a message…each time waiting about 30 seconds before calling back again. that’s not annoying at all. 75397 i’m onto you!

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23 Oct 02


this is beyond annoying. as you may have noticed, chumptastic’s been down for the last couple days for an unknown reason. i originally thought i had a hardware problem, but considering the cable connection in my house has vanished for the last two nights (both internet and television) i’m tempted to blame cogeco. bastards.

anyway, i’m back and i guess that means i can start to post again. that is, if anyone’s still gonna check this stupid site that’s down more than it’s up.

20 Oct 02

it’s not yet my birthday, and already i’ve opened presents

aha. chumptastic’s back!

how bizarre. i’m not sure what exactly happened, but my theory is that the network problems i was complaining about a while ago finally arrived at their logical conclusion. it was pretty weird: i was able to access the site from within my apartment but it wasn’t accessible to the outside world. i swapped out my network card tonight though and everything seems to be working now (after great amounts of effort and large quantities of weirdness).

in truth, did i do much worth writing about this weekend? not really. i watched the royal tenenbaums with mitch last night, and i dont think i’ll ever tire of it. i also watched a bunch of the director’s commentary, which was pretty cool as well.

today, my sister came to visit me and dropped off a few fabulous bday presents. she gave me two cds (ben kweller and black rebel motorcycle club) as well as a t-shirt that i’ll take a picture of rather than giving away the surprise. needless to say, it’s very cool. she and her boyfriend also took me to dinner tonight, and brought me a cake. not bad.

i also opened sarah’s present on thursday night (’cause i was talking to her on the phone) and she gave me the bottom one on this page. talk about cool. i’ll also take a picture of that shortly.

wheeeee. i rule.

18 Oct 02

team canada 2, atlanta thrashers 1

damn. i haven’t listened to hum’s you’d prefer an astronaut cd since i left it behind when i moved out of my last apartment a few years ago…until now that is. it’s STILL good.

i fixed the world’s problems again this morning. fabulous. i also had the pleasure of sitting through a pointless/annoying meeting this morning. yet another fabulous bad mood was the result (albeit a short-lived one).

oh, and congratulations to robin for finally scoring against me in nhl 2003. 3 goals in 2.5 hours of play: not bad. to be fair, he did beat me in our final game. (team canada vs atlanta = clash of the titans).

finally, robin just pointed this ad from the newsgroup out to me:



Very hard to get, even on VHS. Will sell the Whole Lot or Individually.
Will also Transfer them to VHS for those who don’t have a BETA VCR.

i’m all over that.

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16 Oct 02

from great to sucky in 0 seconds flat

today was a wonderful day.
i know you probably think i’m being sarcastic, but i mean it.
i got to work early (and met a woman waiting there, so i helped her out of the goodness of my heart) and proceeded to have the most productive day i’ve had in forever. it was a fun problem solvey day when things mostly got resolved. i like that.

and (and here’s the biggy): i wasnt bothered by the ignorant/annoying people who make my days far rougher than they need to be at all today.

that is, until tonight.

i went from a fabulous mood to a horrid one in a matter of seconds after reading 5 emails from someone. alas, tomorrow’s gonna suck as a result.

and, i missed the carnations show tonight because i was in a bad mood, and because it’s icky out and my blanket was comfy, and because i was feeling feverish.

oh well.

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15 Oct 02

pigs will fly

christ robin. ok, i can’t accept the fact that we’re dressed the same today. but do we really have to synchronize colds as well? i mean, really.

i can’t really stay mad though. after all, he did just bring me this. no joke. how cool is that?

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
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Date: 1883

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