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16 Sep 02

venting is good for the soul

proposed new name for my site:



16 Sep 02

utter incompetence

ok. this might be the last straw.

as i type this, i totally look like an incompetent monkey because OTHER PEOPLE have screwed up. a server is misconfigured (and i know how to fix it but i’m not allowed to), and that misconfigured server is preventing people from logging onto computers i’m in charge of.

needless to say, people aren’t happy. and neither am i.

14 Sep 02

this isn’t about you

i’m gradually beginning to wake up after last night’s late night. i went to see starling play in ottawa and i didn’t get home until around 3:45 i think…zzzzzzz. it was a good time – not spectacular, but fun.

the first band on the bill were the carnations, and i was looking forward to seeing them. their drummer used to be ian from starling, so i was kinda hoping to see him on the skins, but apparently he was replaced so i was out of luck. they’re a fun indie rock band that i enjoyed, but i was disappointed that they didn’t play sunday.

the second band was called wishpocket, but robin has dubbed them shitbucket. horrendous. i swear, i thought they were a cover band except i didn’t know the songs they were covering (that is, until they got to rear window by pearl jam). they were generic 90s rock – complete with eddie veddar voice and stage antics. the singer looked like he was still in junior high and when he held his accoustic guitar he looked like he was in a mariachi band. their new bassist looked like his dad: pretty old, balding, and overweight, and he had to keep consulting a book throughout the set, presumably because he forgot how the songs went. the guitarist looked like the guy with long blonde hair from the lone gunman (robin called him the president of the local dungeons and dragons club). the drummer was a plain, generic guy wearing a t-shirt and ball cap backwards. what was mystifying was how a bunch of people in the crowd were actually fans of these guys: two guys were video taping it, there was a lot of yelling going on, and it just seemed wrong. they stole about an hour of my life i’ll never get back.

starling themselves were good but not great. they played almost everything off of their newest album (except the two songs i wanted to hear most: suitcases and olive tree), and a few older ones too. i enjoyed what they did to the older songs like delusional and earnest: they added some cool loops at the beginning to make them a bit fresher (they’ve been playing them for 5 or 6 years after all). unfortunately, i thought there was a bit of a lull in the middle of the set when they played a few songs that are good as background music but aren’t really gripping live. it could have been that it was late and i was tired though – i won’t rule that out.

the drive home was uneventful, although i’m really glad we stopped at the tim horton’s in mallorytown to wake up a bit. driving while tired is icky.

oh, the rest of my yesterday: i was rushing around to do things for people at the last second (hence my frustrated postings). by 2:30 i decided i really didn’t want to talk to anyone else who needed help for fear i yelled at them. blah.

and today……i was supposed to have gone to the grease pole this morning, but there’s no way i was going to wake up by 7:30 for that. so, i’m not exactly sure what i’m gonna do. i have to go into work for a bit either today or tomorrow, so i guess it’s just a matter of when i drag myself out of bed.

13 Sep 02

we need it yesterday.

so what is it about me or my job that causes people to come to me when they need something IMMEDIATELY……..because they either exercised poor planning or no planning at all. it happens to me constantly. today’s example: a department on campus realized today that they needed a new piece of software (i can’t believe this is coming up in mid-september, but anyway…) and they want to borrow my copy. now. i’m really busy installing stuff in various labs, so i’ve been treated to a variety of emails and voicemails basically wondering how they can get a copy from me yesterday.

if this was a one time thing it’d be cool, but it seems like that’s becoming the norm. and it sucks.

13 Sep 02

whatever will be will be

the word of the day is:

work’s been blah for quite a while now, so that’s not news…and i don’t tend to let it get me too down. when other stuff starts getting blah too though…that’s not really preferable. oh well. c’est la vie.

11 Sep 02

we come from purgatory

mmm, i just woke up for a nice nap. i felt fuzzy at first but now that i’m awake i feel far better.

so why was i tired?

last night was the dears show at clark and, due to some miscommunication, we arrived at a little after 8 when the doors didn’t open until 9. the opening act, a band called soft canyon, went on at 10:30…so i knew it was going to be a late night. soft canyon, as it turns out, are the remnants of tricky woo….i’m not sure what made them disband and reform under a new name, but apparently that’s what happened. they had a few good songs but i found myself anxious for the dears to go on and didn’t really give them my full attention.

so, a little after 11:30 the dears hit the stage with 2/6 members different than when i saw them in the summer. their guitarist left the band a while ago (as i posted here) and was replaced by rob benvie, superstar. it was really great to see him playing live again…i saw him with mike o’neill a year and a half ago, but that’s the only time i’d seen him play live since thrush hermit broke up. the hot girl from the dears whose name escapes me (the one who played keyboards, cello and flute) was inexplicably not there..but she was replaced by someone even hotter. i guess i can’t really complain.

as for the show itself, it wasn’t the longest but still fun. it was all new songs (except for hollywood bedtime story which i think they play at every show), but i recognized all but two from previous shows. the one that stands out in my mind the most was called summer of protest…it was the last song of the set and included the use of a megaphone. the other standout was i think called pinned together, torn apart, and it was about a 10 minute jam that looked completely exhausting.

unfortunately, we missed the encore because some of our party were super tired…but i’m sure i’ll be able to catch them again. next on the agenda: starling on friday!

oh, and a little bit of randomness…i took this picture when i was in toronto for the rocky horror show and i forgot about it. i want to eat there.

09 Sep 02

i forgot to add a title to this posting, so i’ll do it now

if someone were to ask me right now who my top five favourite bands of the moment are, i’d have to answer:

what’s cool about this is that i get to see two of those bands in the next 5 days. that’s right, tomorrow night the dears are gracing us with a show at the campus engineering pub, and on friday night starling’s playing in ottawa. needless to say, i’m superexcited about this. and, as an added bonus, the apples in stereo are playing in toronto just in time for my birthday.

oh, and as i type this, i can hear godless by the dandy warhols in a new nissan commercial. how cool.

anyway. besides that, i got screwed around for a few hours at work today and was in a wretched mood again. but i’m not gonna talk about that.

09 Sep 02

cogeco is my friend

on friday night my internet was down for a couple hours so i called cogeco to see what was up. they told me they were installing new amplifiers (whatever that means) and that service would be returned to normal in a couple hours.

unfortunately, my internet has been screwed ever since…especially last night. i’m able to be online for a few minutes at a time before being disconnected completely. good service.

yesterday was marginally better than saturday, but if i don’t get a day off soon i’ll continue to be a bitter, unhappy camper.

07 Sep 02

making progress

computer update:
it now boots but i somehow dislodged my cd burner from its track. i have no idea how i did that.

quote of the night:
“we’re all out of roofs”.

07 Sep 02



so when i talk about work, i typically try not to go into great detail because honestly, who wants to hear about my job? if it’s boring as shit to me, i know for a fact it’ll be even more so to others. but, having said that, today (and this week for that matter) has been so bad that i have to write about it.

some of you observant types will notice hey, it’s saturday….why on earth was rob at work? because i’m a chump, that’s why. i have to have a bunch of computer labs working before classes start on monday, so that’s why i’ve been working 12 hour days, and why i haven’t had a day off since i got back from vancouver. there’s only one lab left (a 20 seat private training lab) and i thought i could get it all fixed up today if i came in around noon. not quite.

i did get there at noon as planned, and spent a few hours installing software (much longer than i had originally thought it would take). at around 3 (when i was pretty much completely braindead from watching progress bars go by) i installed some security software that prevents you from making changes to computers. unfortunately, i forgot to set a password so it was impossible to disable it. i was very annoyed at this point, but i eventually figured out a way to remove it and i didn’t have to start again from scratch thankfully.

when it came time to upload the software to a server (so i could download it onto the rest of the computers in the lab) i had a more difficult time than expected finding a network card driver that would work with my software. eventually i was successful, and the upload went smoothly.

so, i wandered over to the lab and spent an hour installing the software needed on each computer. it took longer than i expected again, and i ran into a few snags, but nothing major.

then came time to actually download the software. it was somewhere around 5 by now i think, and i figured i’d just start things in motion and head home. unfortunately, the network in that room is completely screwed up apparently so each time i tried to download it crashed immediately without any errors or anything. i tried it a couple times with the same results; then i tried doing it a row at a time. finally, i attempted it one computer at a time and it worked. so, i decided to head home and start doing it one at a time from home…it takes about 1/2 hour per computer but i figured i could get it done before monday that way.

so, i got home and started my 2nd one..and it failed immediately. grrr. i decided i’d do as many as i could in this way, then head back to work after dinner, burn a cd of the software, then come in sometime on sunday to finish the job one computer at a time. unfortunately, most of the computers failed, but i figured the cd would work fine.

i realized i had to bring my home computer into work since i don’t have a burner on my work computer – i usually get my officemate to create cds for me. not a big problem. i got to work, and the lights were off (and they won’t turn back on again until tomorrow) so it was pretty dark. i set up my computer right away and it wouldn’t boot up. this has happened before, but not for several months. i guess the jostling of carrying it in jarred something loose. i couldn’t fix it there because it was too dark, so i figured i’d just copy the software in a new cd-ready format and burn it later – but the computer with the software on it was screwed up for reasons i won’t bother to explain.

anyway, it was 8:15 or so by this point and i was beyond pissed, so i went home, and that’s where i am now, sitting beside my now-broken computer. unfortunately no one appears to be around tonight either, so i can’t even go out. fantastic.

and yes, i know no one read all that…but i don’t have anyone to vent to so i needed to get it out somewhere.

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