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29 Sep 02

it’s unfortunate that i’m about to post something verbose and dumb, but i will anyway

ok, so get this:
this weekend’s homecoming here, so of course i had to partake in the festivities. for example, last night was a busy night out (so busy that we ended up at the grizzly, waiting about 2 hours for a pool table)…not to mention the fact that when we went to the beer store, jo didn’t get carded while i did! (note: i hadn’t been carded at a beer store or lcbo in 7 years. yikes. so how old do i look?)

anyway, today was fun: there was a football game in which we trounced stupid u of t 61-10, and afterwards we went to alfie’s as is, at least in my experience, traditional for homecoming weekend. at around 7 pm or so, i started feeling a bit….less than anxious to go, shall we say, because for some reason it occurred to me that my ex (the one that dumped me while in another country for someone apparently far cooler) might actually be at alfie’s. but, jo icqed me and told me to meet them there at around 9, so i went (being the lemming that i am).

as a result, i had the best night i’ve had in i don’t know how long! i saw people from my graduating year that i havent seen since then which made me happy (6 of them by my count), plus the large group of my friends that showed up. AND, amazingly enough, she DID show up! my reaction to this was to drink a whole lot (more than i had in ages), but i’m glad she did because i was finally able to see her (confront isn’t the right word, but that’s essentially what it was). i won the maturity prize: i met the guy she left me for (a short, unattractive british guy who had no clue who i was), i demonstrated that i had no desire to talk to her for more than a couple of minutes, and i illustrated the fact that i was at alfie’s with multiple attractive women, far more so than her. (robin’s words: “she really did look old”). ah, justice.

anyway, it’s now 1:45 am and i’ve had too much to drink. i’m supposed to be in peterborough in about 10 hours so that could be a bit rough, but i’ll do what i can. but, before i click “post”, i should say thanks to the supercool people who accompanied me tonight, and also sorry to those people for being assy/supertalkative as i know i was. alas.

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