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26 Sep 02

#1 on my birthday list: a paper mache pig

i love birthdays. other people’s birthdays, that is. it’s fun to pick out things you know they’d like…and it’s especially satisfying when you manage to find that perfect gift – the one that you know will shock and surprise and amaze the other person. i’ve done that a few times in my life, and it’s topped just about anything.

i didn’t, however, do that for scott this year. instead, i slapped together a gift out of sawdust and paper mache and called it a day. sorry. at least pretend to like it when i give it to you ok?

i spent a long time today trying to make a web form interface properly with our customer management system thing. it wasn’t exactly user friendly. oh, and for the geeks in the crowd: the highlight of my day was when my officemate and i managed to flash a bios with no VIDEO. that’s right, you read that correctly. the first attempt at flashing for some reason stopped the video card from working correctly, but we managed to make it work. only people who’ve flashed a bios in DOS before can appreciate that accomplishment.

currently spinning: the meligrove band – monkey mask

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