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24 Sep 02

philosophy fun

some random observations about my philosophy class:

  • there’s a guy who sits in the front row with size 40 shoes…i’m waiting for him to trip the prof as he paces back and forth. he’s super keen (annoyingly so), and what’s most interesting about him is the fact that he wears two watches. i have no idea why.
  • there’s a girl who sits in front of us every week who has some sort of weird compulsion that causes her to constantly play with her hair. she gets to class and it looks ok, and by the end it’s a tattered gross mess. very odd.
  • mitch and i have this game where we play “count the sleepers”. i think it’s self-explanatory.
  • i got what looked like a g as my grade on my first quiz. i guess that’s a 9. i hope it’s a g though.

oh, and the class is pretty awful.

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    William Says:

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