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23 Sep 02

my composition: the weekend, by rob page

hmmm. those 3 weeks of pure hell at work completely knocked me out of my posting routine. i feel bad: i used to write something every single day, but working 12 hour days completely took me out of that habit. things have finally slowed down at work so i will do my best to post more now – not that anyone really cares but me, but i’ll try anyway.

my weekend consisted of:

  • watching robin repeatedly try to crimp network cables, and failing miserably myself as well. stupid little unmarked wires.
  • watching my first ever live rugby game. very fun. padding’s overrated after all.
  • eating a fabulous meal at chez piggy. i hadn’t been there in a while…and it was still patio weather in late september. what a topsy turvy world.
  • going birthday shopping, since it’s birthday time in my family. hey scott, i bought you something. and no, it’s not the puffy pink cloud maker. i also found something SO perfect for kristi, but for reasons i can’t explain until after her birthday, it’s not gonna work out. dammit.
  • made a fabulous cd composed of the likes of the carnations, electric soft parade, radish, local rabbits, of montreal, the sunshine fix, howie day, polyphonic spree, elf power, beulah, bright eyes, pedro the lion, ben kweller, neuseiland, ash and sam roberts. soooooooooooo good.
  • napped and watched football all afternoon. what the hell do i do on sundays during the off season?
  • watched monster’s ball tonight. i liked it a lot. oh, and coming to america was on tbs afterwards. oh arsenio, you’re so pointy.

anyway, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. fabulous.

currently spinning: the anniversary – the siren sings

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