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23 Sep 02

i choose my sports team!

cool story of the day:
over the course of the weekend, i talked two 3 different people about the book fever pitch, for different reasons. i was telling jo about nick hornby in general terms…i was talking to my sister about books i’d read and i was wondering if she’d read that one yet…and i was talking to sarah about it as well as the movie version. then, today, mitch showed up in my office and announced she was paying me back for letting her photocopy my philosophy notes, and she handed me a copy of fever pitch. how cool is that? there was apparently one copy at the “hurt penguin” sale at the campus bookstore, and she nabbed it for me. very cool.

oh, and if you don’t know what it’s about: it’s essentially about a guy obsessed with soccer (football), so much so that he has to choose between his girlfriend and his team.

other than that?
there’s a dumb political power play going on at work at the moment that i refuse to get involved with, as well as refusing to let it bother me. i guess when you’ve been in a bureaucratic system for a lot of years, the tendency is to try to take as big a piece of the pie as you can. i don’t really understand this motivation, but i’ve seen so many examples of it, it’s really quite sickening.

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