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11 Sep 02

we come from purgatory

mmm, i just woke up for a nice nap. i felt fuzzy at first but now that i’m awake i feel far better.

so why was i tired?

last night was the dears show at clark and, due to some miscommunication, we arrived at a little after 8 when the doors didn’t open until 9. the opening act, a band called soft canyon, went on at 10:30…so i knew it was going to be a late night. soft canyon, as it turns out, are the remnants of tricky woo….i’m not sure what made them disband and reform under a new name, but apparently that’s what happened. they had a few good songs but i found myself anxious for the dears to go on and didn’t really give them my full attention.

so, a little after 11:30 the dears hit the stage with 2/6 members different than when i saw them in the summer. their guitarist left the band a while ago (as i posted here) and was replaced by rob benvie, superstar. it was really great to see him playing live again…i saw him with mike o’neill a year and a half ago, but that’s the only time i’d seen him play live since thrush hermit broke up. the hot girl from the dears whose name escapes me (the one who played keyboards, cello and flute) was inexplicably not there..but she was replaced by someone even hotter. i guess i can’t really complain.

as for the show itself, it wasn’t the longest but still fun. it was all new songs (except for hollywood bedtime story which i think they play at every show), but i recognized all but two from previous shows. the one that stands out in my mind the most was called summer of protest…it was the last song of the set and included the use of a megaphone. the other standout was i think called pinned together, torn apart, and it was about a 10 minute jam that looked completely exhausting.

unfortunately, we missed the encore because some of our party were super tired…but i’m sure i’ll be able to catch them again. next on the agenda: starling on friday!

oh, and a little bit of randomness…i took this picture when i was in toronto for the rocky horror show and i forgot about it. i want to eat there.

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