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09 Sep 02

i forgot to add a title to this posting, so i’ll do it now

if someone were to ask me right now who my top five favourite bands of the moment are, i’d have to answer:

what’s cool about this is that i get to see two of those bands in the next 5 days. that’s right, tomorrow night the dears are gracing us with a show at the campus engineering pub, and on friday night starling’s playing in ottawa. needless to say, i’m superexcited about this. and, as an added bonus, the apples in stereo are playing in toronto just in time for my birthday.

oh, and as i type this, i can hear godless by the dandy warhols in a new nissan commercial. how cool.

anyway. besides that, i got screwed around for a few hours at work today and was in a wretched mood again. but i’m not gonna talk about that.

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