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07 Sep 02



so when i talk about work, i typically try not to go into great detail because honestly, who wants to hear about my job? if it’s boring as shit to me, i know for a fact it’ll be even more so to others. but, having said that, today (and this week for that matter) has been so bad that i have to write about it.

some of you observant types will notice hey, it’s saturday….why on earth was rob at work? because i’m a chump, that’s why. i have to have a bunch of computer labs working before classes start on monday, so that’s why i’ve been working 12 hour days, and why i haven’t had a day off since i got back from vancouver. there’s only one lab left (a 20 seat private training lab) and i thought i could get it all fixed up today if i came in around noon. not quite.

i did get there at noon as planned, and spent a few hours installing software (much longer than i had originally thought it would take). at around 3 (when i was pretty much completely braindead from watching progress bars go by) i installed some security software that prevents you from making changes to computers. unfortunately, i forgot to set a password so it was impossible to disable it. i was very annoyed at this point, but i eventually figured out a way to remove it and i didn’t have to start again from scratch thankfully.

when it came time to upload the software to a server (so i could download it onto the rest of the computers in the lab) i had a more difficult time than expected finding a network card driver that would work with my software. eventually i was successful, and the upload went smoothly.

so, i wandered over to the lab and spent an hour installing the software needed on each computer. it took longer than i expected again, and i ran into a few snags, but nothing major.

then came time to actually download the software. it was somewhere around 5 by now i think, and i figured i’d just start things in motion and head home. unfortunately, the network in that room is completely screwed up apparently so each time i tried to download it crashed immediately without any errors or anything. i tried it a couple times with the same results; then i tried doing it a row at a time. finally, i attempted it one computer at a time and it worked. so, i decided to head home and start doing it one at a time from home…it takes about 1/2 hour per computer but i figured i could get it done before monday that way.

so, i got home and started my 2nd one..and it failed immediately. grrr. i decided i’d do as many as i could in this way, then head back to work after dinner, burn a cd of the software, then come in sometime on sunday to finish the job one computer at a time. unfortunately, most of the computers failed, but i figured the cd would work fine.

i realized i had to bring my home computer into work since i don’t have a burner on my work computer – i usually get my officemate to create cds for me. not a big problem. i got to work, and the lights were off (and they won’t turn back on again until tomorrow) so it was pretty dark. i set up my computer right away and it wouldn’t boot up. this has happened before, but not for several months. i guess the jostling of carrying it in jarred something loose. i couldn’t fix it there because it was too dark, so i figured i’d just copy the software in a new cd-ready format and burn it later – but the computer with the software on it was screwed up for reasons i won’t bother to explain.

anyway, it was 8:15 or so by this point and i was beyond pissed, so i went home, and that’s where i am now, sitting beside my now-broken computer. unfortunately no one appears to be around tonight either, so i can’t even go out. fantastic.

and yes, i know no one read all that…but i don’t have anyone to vent to so i needed to get it out somewhere.

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