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05 Sep 02

just because my shoes are at the door doesn’t mean i’m sleeping

ugh. yesterday was awful.
i spent the first half of my day attempting to install software that i know nothing about, only to find out that i had been given the wrong cds in one case, and not given a critical license key in another case. it’s been tremendous. the second half of my day was spent redoing what i’d done the night before: opening up 30 computer cases, changing around hard drive cables, and shutting the cases up again. it took forever and i hate doing things more than once. grr.

after work was better though. (note that “after work” means “after 9 pm”). jo and robin and i watched so i married an axe murderer, which is always a good time. does anyone not like that movie?

funny of the day: when i got home, robin (who’s living on my couch for the week) was watching tv quietly in the dark. apparently he thought i was sleeping in my room because my shoes were by the door and my blankets were piled funny, so he was trying to be all quiet. for 3 hours. until i came home. funny.

currently spinning: local rabbits – at least you got the cake

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