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01 Sep 02

brain cancer and me: a winning combination

i had my first ever experience talking on a cell phone yesterday, if you can imagine. i think that officially makes me the last person in the western world able to make that claim. it got off to an unauspicious start: robin phoned me and i promptly hung up on him. he called back to give me my first nudge towards brain cancer. oh, and it’s not my cell phone – it’s a work one.

yesterday sucked the suck suck. i was at work from around 12 – 9 at which point i went over to mitch’s to help jo move the last of her stuff out of her old apartment, then watched jay and silent bob strike back. i saw it in the theatre and remembered it being funny, but i realized last night that the movie is pretty awful and i was only remembering 2 or 3 scenes near the end of the movie. regardless, it was better than working.

currently spinning: ben kweller – walk on me

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