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29 Sep 02

it’s unfortunate that i’m about to post something verbose and dumb, but i will anyway

ok, so get this:
this weekend’s homecoming here, so of course i had to partake in the festivities. for example, last night was a busy night out (so busy that we ended up at the grizzly, waiting about 2 hours for a pool table)…not to mention the fact that when we went to the beer store, jo didn’t get carded while i did! (note: i hadn’t been carded at a beer store or lcbo in 7 years. yikes. so how old do i look?)

anyway, today was fun: there was a football game in which we trounced stupid u of t 61-10, and afterwards we went to alfie’s as is, at least in my experience, traditional for homecoming weekend. at around 7 pm or so, i started feeling a bit….less than anxious to go, shall we say, because for some reason it occurred to me that my ex (the one that dumped me while in another country for someone apparently far cooler) might actually be at alfie’s. but, jo icqed me and told me to meet them there at around 9, so i went (being the lemming that i am).

as a result, i had the best night i’ve had in i don’t know how long! i saw people from my graduating year that i havent seen since then which made me happy (6 of them by my count), plus the large group of my friends that showed up. AND, amazingly enough, she DID show up! my reaction to this was to drink a whole lot (more than i had in ages), but i’m glad she did because i was finally able to see her (confront isn’t the right word, but that’s essentially what it was). i won the maturity prize: i met the guy she left me for (a short, unattractive british guy who had no clue who i was), i demonstrated that i had no desire to talk to her for more than a couple of minutes, and i illustrated the fact that i was at alfie’s with multiple attractive women, far more so than her. (robin’s words: “she really did look old”). ah, justice.

anyway, it’s now 1:45 am and i’ve had too much to drink. i’m supposed to be in peterborough in about 10 hours so that could be a bit rough, but i’ll do what i can. but, before i click “post”, i should say thanks to the supercool people who accompanied me tonight, and also sorry to those people for being assy/supertalkative as i know i was. alas.

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27 Sep 02

is it 9:30 pm instead of 9:30 am?

dreary and blah are the words of the day. my brain hasn’t fully kicked in yet, and things at work seem are exceptionally slow thus far. my motivation level is also low at this point, which i think is fair having worked late last night.

i’m toying with the idea of leaving early today. i’ll ponder that.

stories? no.

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26 Sep 02

#1 on my birthday list: a paper mache pig

i love birthdays. other people’s birthdays, that is. it’s fun to pick out things you know they’d like…and it’s especially satisfying when you manage to find that perfect gift – the one that you know will shock and surprise and amaze the other person. i’ve done that a few times in my life, and it’s topped just about anything.

i didn’t, however, do that for scott this year. instead, i slapped together a gift out of sawdust and paper mache and called it a day. sorry. at least pretend to like it when i give it to you ok?

i spent a long time today trying to make a web form interface properly with our customer management system thing. it wasn’t exactly user friendly. oh, and for the geeks in the crowd: the highlight of my day was when my officemate and i managed to flash a bios with no VIDEO. that’s right, you read that correctly. the first attempt at flashing for some reason stopped the video card from working correctly, but we managed to make it work. only people who’ve flashed a bios in DOS before can appreciate that accomplishment.

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25 Sep 02

philosophy fun part 2

i forgot one story from last night’s class:

at the beginning of class we were all to hand in our papers (mine’s a real gem of course). there was a mad rush of frosh attempting to submit their work, so i continued to read my book until the crowd of people dispersed. i heard this “psssssssssssssst” from beside me, so i looked over. the girl sitting two seats down from me said “i’ll hand in your paper if you hold my ice cream cone”. i agreed to this, but i’m still unsure as to why she couldn’t carry her cone down the stairs.

it was strawberry so i didn’t try any.

24 Sep 02

philosophy fun

some random observations about my philosophy class:

  • there’s a guy who sits in the front row with size 40 shoes…i’m waiting for him to trip the prof as he paces back and forth. he’s super keen (annoyingly so), and what’s most interesting about him is the fact that he wears two watches. i have no idea why.
  • there’s a girl who sits in front of us every week who has some sort of weird compulsion that causes her to constantly play with her hair. she gets to class and it looks ok, and by the end it’s a tattered gross mess. very odd.
  • mitch and i have this game where we play “count the sleepers”. i think it’s self-explanatory.
  • i got what looked like a g as my grade on my first quiz. i guess that’s a 9. i hope it’s a g though.

oh, and the class is pretty awful.

24 Sep 02

to sleep, perchance to dream

after about 6 months of having virtually no dreams (save for an odd one in which i was playing volleyball of all things a couple weekends ago), i’ve finally started having them again. i’ve always gone through phases (a month here, a month there) without dreaming, but it’s never lasted this long before. i wonder what’s changed… my dreams weren’t interesting, but at least they were there.

anyway, i had the pleasure of waiting for the parking shuttle this morning while standing next to pipey mcsmoker. ew. who likes the smell of pipes anyway?

23 Sep 02

i choose my sports team!

cool story of the day:
over the course of the weekend, i talked two 3 different people about the book fever pitch, for different reasons. i was telling jo about nick hornby in general terms…i was talking to my sister about books i’d read and i was wondering if she’d read that one yet…and i was talking to sarah about it as well as the movie version. then, today, mitch showed up in my office and announced she was paying me back for letting her photocopy my philosophy notes, and she handed me a copy of fever pitch. how cool is that? there was apparently one copy at the “hurt penguin” sale at the campus bookstore, and she nabbed it for me. very cool.

oh, and if you don’t know what it’s about: it’s essentially about a guy obsessed with soccer (football), so much so that he has to choose between his girlfriend and his team.

other than that?
there’s a dumb political power play going on at work at the moment that i refuse to get involved with, as well as refusing to let it bother me. i guess when you’ve been in a bureaucratic system for a lot of years, the tendency is to try to take as big a piece of the pie as you can. i don’t really understand this motivation, but i’ve seen so many examples of it, it’s really quite sickening.

23 Sep 02

my composition: the weekend, by rob page

hmmm. those 3 weeks of pure hell at work completely knocked me out of my posting routine. i feel bad: i used to write something every single day, but working 12 hour days completely took me out of that habit. things have finally slowed down at work so i will do my best to post more now – not that anyone really cares but me, but i’ll try anyway.

my weekend consisted of:

anyway, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. fabulous.

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20 Sep 02

i’m gorgeous in chartreuse

i made this off-handed comment tonight after we watched pretty in pink tonight: i said, “it’s weird…it’s like john hughes just stopped making movies all of a sudden”. so, i went to imdb and looked him up.

man, he’s written a lot more movies than i thought. i mean, i knew about the obvious ones: ferris beuller, pretty in pink, 16 candles, the breakfast club, weird science, etc…but somehow i didn’t know that he wrote the vacation series, mr. mom (the movie i’ve watched more than any other), uncle buck, the beethoven movies (eek), flubber, etc. where have i been? note that anything in the 90s has pretty much sucked. what happened to him?

oh. and i’m gonna dress like duckie at work tomorrow.

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17 Sep 02

i’m old and out of touch

the prof for the philosophy class i’m taking made a joke tonight about how the majority of the class…those born after 1980…won’t relate to how a certain philosopher writes.

so of course that means i’m going to relate to him. right?

oh, and the people in my class are very very very dumb. it doesnt help that i’m 8 years older than most of them, on average. but…i’m pretty sure that el scotto’s a smarter cookie than many of them, and he’s just barely pushing 16.

speaking of which: what do you want for your birthday scott? this? perhaps this? i know this is your style. let me know before it’s too late.

best. birthday. ever.

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